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G : 2 April 2008 • 9:11PM -0400

[GDMail :319] Re: [GDMail :318] 502 Error 12 days
by Bill Holmes



I have been reading your posts but I haven't answered because I don't
have any concrete solution for you..    I was hoping that someone else

I do have some suggestions.

It looks like you have reported this problem and received an
autoreply.  Have you replied to the autoreply, giving more details?  I
have found that usually if I answer (reply to) the auto messages two
or three times that a human does come into the mix to help you solve
the problem.  If you haven't tried that give it a try.

This group is not an official group, it is just users like you so we
have no way to help you other than sharing our own experiences.  It is
possible that Google is monitoring this group but we don't know for
sure.  The same is true of a couple of the other forums you have
tried.  There is an official Google Group for Google Apps that would
be another place to post your problem.  You can find it at

Also you can try GMail-Users or GMusers which are both much larger
gmail groups than this one maybe your chance of resolution will

I hope you can solve this problem quickly.

Have a peaceful day,

On 4/1/08, ethosadvisory <rayrandall@etho...> wrote:
> RE: [#257875778] 502 and Re: [#255993985] 502
> Please advise.  Not a cache issue. As administrator, the 502 error
> occurs for one user.
> I get the impression no one reads the messages on this discussion
> group.
> >

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