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W : 20 April 2006 • 5:21AM -0400

[WritersMailbox] Ten things every Microsoft Word user should know
by Bill Holmes


Ten things every Microsoft Word user should know
April 14th, 2006

[Update: This article has been Dugg! If you're reading this, and about
to flame about how OpenOffice or LaTeX is better, please read this
first. Thanks. -John]

Most people use word processors like MS Word like they would use a
typewriter — manually making section headers bold and centered,
inserting hard breaks between paragraphs, etc. This formatting method
is fine for short documents, but for long documents that include
multiple sections, figures, tables and other elements that need to be
styled consistently throughout the text, it pays to learn Word's
advanced features.

These features are easy-to-use, but poorly documented and, in my
experience, underused — even by professionals that frequently write
long documents. This tutorial presents ten tips to help you start
using Word the smart way.

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