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W : 2 September 2006 • 7:31AM -0400

[WritersMailbox] Writer's Workshop: Free Critiques
by CaveManagerHeidi


Come join a PRIVATE (to protect your copyright and privacy) writers
workshop.  At Critiquers Cavern, we offer line-by-line critiques, not
"nice-nice" sewing circle comments.  We welcome writers of all levels.
We have members that are beginners and some who are professional,
published authors.  Our motto is:  Write. Learn. Get Published.  We've
helped some beginning members down the road to publication with
Assignments, Workshops, Market lists, and of course Critiques.

We offer many articles, lists of scams, writing prompts, and more.  We
also have fun in the Game Cave where you can play games such as chess,
tell jokes and much more.  Share your thoughts on the Let It Out board,
boast of your successes on the Brag Board.

We've been around since October 2002, so we aren't going anywhere.  You
can count on us to be there when you need help.

We enjoy members who participate and we do not allow lurkers for our
writer's protection.  E-Piracy is a very real threat and no writer
should post their work on a "public" group or website.  Publishers and
agents write this into their contracts that work can not be posted in
it's entirety on a public domain.

We are not looking to have a hundred members and our group isn't for
everyone.  You must be willing to learn and accept the critiques,
although we DO NOT shred a writer's work.  However, you must be able to
accept what you are told in order to improve.

Come check us out.  You can send me an email at CritCave@hotm... or
you can apply to join the group at

Hope to see you there!

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