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W : 22 May 2007 • 10:02AM -0400

[WritersMailbox] How To Crank Through Your Gmail ARTICLE
by Bill Holmes


How To Crank Through Your Gmail

If you get a lot of email — and let's face it, web workers live in
their email — it's likely that you already use Gmail to handle your
communication needs. But are you doing it as quickly and efficiently
as possible, so you can get back to your real work (read: Twitter)?

Master the tools of your trade and you will soon be churning through
your email like it's butter. Crank quickly, and get out.

I get well over 100 emails a day, and I suspect I'm not alone in this
department. But I respond quickly to each one (if necessary), and
empty out my inbox each time. And with the help of some of the rules
and tricks I share below, it doesn't take me long.

Let's get into it:

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