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[WritersMailbox] Flood Stories from Around the World
by Bill Holmes


Flood Stories from Around the World
by Mark Isaak.
Copyright (c) 1996-2002
[Last Revision: September 2, 2002]

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he stories below are flood stories from the world's folklore. I have
included stories here if (1) they are stories; (2) they are folklore,
not historical accounts or fiction by a known author; and (3) they
involve a flood. In most borderline cases, I included the story here
anyway. For example, one story (Hopi) tells of a flood which was
avoided and never occurred.

My method for collecting these stories is simply to collect every
flood story I find. I have omitted a few extremely fragmentary
accounts, such as sources that say "These people have a legend of a
flood in which most people were killed" and little or nothing more.
The stories are summarized both to save space and to avoid copyright
infringements, but I have attempted to preserve all the motifs and all
the names that were given in the cited account. However, where the
story gives intricate account of events before and/or after the flood
(such as in the Zhuang story of Bubo vs. the Thunder God), some of the
details peripheral to the flood itself may have been summarized out of
existence. In a few cases, two or more overlapping and
non-contradictory fragments from the same culture were combined into
one summary. Complete references are given at the end; consult them
for more details.

Within each continent or region, stories are grouped by language
family. See Language Grouping for Flood Stories for elaboration of the
language groups which, as best I can determine, the stories belong to.

I am sure there are many more flood stories which could be included
here. As I find them, I will add them. I welcome feedback, especially
new flood stories, from others.

Index by Region
Greek, Arcadian, Samothrace
Scandinavian, German
Celtic, Welsh
Lithuanian, Transylvanian Gypsy
Near East
Egypt, Babylonian, Assyrian, Chaldean, Hebrew, Islamic
Persian, Zoroastrian
Masai (East Africa), Komililo Nandi, Kwaya (Lake Victoria)
Southwest Tanzania, Pygmy, Ababua (northern Zaire), Kikuyu (Kenya),
Bakongo (west Zaire), Bachokwe? (southern Zaire), Lower Congo,
Basonge, Bena-Lulua (Congo River, southeast Zaire)
Yoruba (southwest Nigeria), Efik-Ibibio (Nigeria), Ekoi (Nigeria)
Mandingo (Ivory Coast)
Samoyed (north Siberia)
Yenisey-Ostyak (north central Siberia), Kamchadale (northeast Siberia)
Altaic (central Asia), Tuvinian (Soyot) (north of Mongolia)
Mongolia, Buryat (eastern Siberia)
Sagaiye (eastern Siberia)
Hindu, Bhil (central India), Kamar (Raipur District, Central India), Assam
Tamil (southern India)
Lepcha (Sikkim), Tibet, Singpho (Assam), Lushai (Assam), Lisu
(northwest Yunnan, China), Lolo (southwestern China), Jino (southern
Yunnan, China), Karen (Burma), Chingpaw (Upper Burma)
Munda (north-central India), Santal (Bengal), Ho (southwestern Bengal)
Bahnar (Cochin China), Kammu (northern Thailand)
Andaman Islands (Bay of Bengal)
Zhuang (China), Sui (southern Guizhou, China), Shan (Burma)
Tsuwo (Formosa interior), Bunun (Formosa interior), Ami (eastern Taiwan)
Benua-Jakun (Malay Peninsula), Kelantan (Malay Peninsula), Ifugao
(Philippines), Kiangan Ifugao, Atá (Philippines), Mandaya
(Philippines), Tinguian (Luzon, Philippines)
Batak (Sumatra), Nias (an island west of Sumatra), Engano (another
island west of Sumatra), Dusun (British North Borneo), Dyak (Borneo),
Ot-Danom (Dutch Borneo), Toradja (central Celebes), Alfoor (between
Celebes and New Guinea), Rotti (southwest of Timor), Nage (Flores)
Arnhem Land (northern Northern Territory)
Maung (Goulburn Islands, Arnhem Land), Gunwinggu (northern Arnhem Land)
Gumaidj (Arnhem Land)
Manger (Arnhem Land)
Fitzroy River area (Western Australia)
Australian, Mount Elliot (coastal Queensland), Western Australia,
Andingari (South Australia), Wiranggu (South Australia), Narrinyeri
(South Australia), Victoria, Lake Tyres (Victoria), Kurnai (Gippsland,
Victoria), southeast Australian
Maori (New Zealand)
Pacific Islands
Kabadi (New Guinea), Valman (northern New Guinea), Mamberao River
(Irian Jaya), Samo-Kubo (western Papua New Guinea), Papua New Guinea
Palau Islands (Micronesia), western Carolines
New Hebrides, Lifou (one of the Loyalty Islands), Fiji
Samoa, Nanumanga (Tuvalu, South Pacific), Mangaia (Cook Islands),
Rakaanga (Cook Islands), Raiatea (Leeward Group, French Polynesia),
Tahiti, Hawaii
North America
Innuit, Eskimo (Orowignarak, Alaska), Norton Sound Eskimo, Central
Eskimo, Tchiglit Eskimo (Arctic Ocean), Herschel Island Eskimo,
Netsilik Eskimo, Greenlander
Tlingit (southern Alaska coast), Hareskin (Alaska), Tinneh (Alaska and
south), Loucheux (Dindjie) (Alaska), Dogrib and Slave (Tinneh tribes),
Kaska (northern inland British Columbia), Thompson Indians (British
Columbia), Sarcee (Alberta), Tsetsaut
Haida (Queen Charlotte Is., British Columbia), Tsimshian (British Columbia)
Kwakiutl (British Columbia)
Kootenay (southeast British Columbia), Squamish (British Columbia),
Bella Coola (British Columbia), Lillooet (Green River, British
Columbia), Makah (Cape Flattery, Washington), Klallam (northwest
Washington), Skokomish (Washington), Skagit (Washington), Quillayute
(Washington), Nisqually (Washington), Twana (Puget Sound, Washington),
Cascade Mountains
Spokana, Nez Perce, Cayuse (eastern Washington), Yakima (Washington),
Warm Springs (Oregon), Joshua (southern Oregon), Smith River (northern
California coast), Wintu (north central California), Maidu (central
California), Northern Miwok (central California), Tuleyome Miwok (near
Clear Lake, California), Olamentko Miwok (Bodega Bay, California)
Ohlone (San Francisco to Monterey, California)
Kato (Mendocino County, California)
Shasta (northern California interior), Pomo (north central
California), Salinan (California), Yuma (western Arizona, southern
California), Havasupai (lower Colorado River)
Ashochimi (California)
Yurok (north California coast), Blackfoot (Alberta and Montana), Cree
(Canada), Timagami Ojibway (Canada), Chippewa (Ontario, Minnesota,
Wisconsin), Ottawa, Menomini (Wisconsin-Michigan border), Cheyenne
(Minnesota), Yellowstone, Montagnais (northern Gulf of St. Lawrence),
Micmac (eastern Maritime Canada), Algonquin (upper Ottowa River),
Lenape (Delaware) (Delaware to New York)
Cherokee (Great Lakes area; eastern Tennessee)
Mandan (North Dakota), Lakota
Choctaw (Mississippi), Natchez (Lower Mississippi)
Chitimacha (Southern Louisiana)
Caddo (Oklahoma, Arkansas), Pawnee (Nebraska)
Navajo (Four Corners area), Jicarilla Apache (northeastern New Mexico)
Sia (northeast Arizona)
Acagchemem (near San Juan Capistrano, California), Luiseño (Southern
California), Pima (southwest Arizona), Papago (Arizona), Hopi
(northeast Arizona), Zuni (New Mexico)
Central America
Tarascan (northern Michoacan, Mexico), Michoacan (Mexico)
Yaqui (Sonoran, Northern Mexico), Tarahumara (Northern Mexico),
Huichol (western Mexico), Cora (east of the Huichols), Tepecano
(southeast of the Huichols), Tepehua (eastern Mexico), Toltec
(Mexico), Nahua (central Mexico), Tlaxcalan (central Mexico)
Tlapanec (south central Mexico), Mixtec (northern Oaxaca, Mexico),
Zapotec (Oaxaca, southern Mexico), Trique (Oaxaca, southern Mexico)
Totonac (eastern Mexico)
Chol (southern Mexico), Tzeltal (Chiapas, southern Mexico), Quiché
(Guatemala), Maya (southern Mexico and Guatemala)
Popoluca (Veracruz, Mexico)
Nicaragua, Panama
Carib (Antilles)
South America
Acawai (Orinoco), Arekuna (Guyana), Makiritare (Venezuela), Macusi
(British Guyana)
Muysca (Colombia), Yaruro (southern Venezuela)
Yanomamö (southern Venezuela)
Tamanaque (Orinoco), Arawak (Guyana), Pamary, Abedery, and Kataushy
(Purus R., Brazil), Ipurina (Upper Amazon)
Jivaro (eastern Ecuador), Shuar (Andes)
Murato (eastern Ecuador)
Cañari (Quito, Ecuador)
Guanca and Chiquito (Peru)
Ancasmarca (near Cuzco, Peru), Canelos Quechua, Quechua, Inca (Peru),
Colla (high Andes)
Chiriguano (southeast Bolivia)
Chorote (Eastern Paraguay)
Eastern Brazil (Rio de Janiero region), Eastern Brazil (Cape Frio
region), Caraya (Araguaia River, central Brazil), Coroado (south
Araucania (coastal Chile)
Toba (northern Argentina)
Selk'nam (southern tip of Argentina)
Yamana (Tierra del Fuego)

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