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a : 19 February 2006 • 7:48AM -0500

Re: AeroElectric-List: KLN35A Pin/Installation Diagram
by Michael Hinchcliff


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Thanks for the suggestions Jim.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find any information about the pin layouts on the LoneStar Aviation site, however; they do have a nifty product.

I checked out the pin layouts at It appears the KLX 135 uses both the P1 and P4001 connectors and the P4001 pins K, H, and J do not correspond to the data loader RS232 OUT, ground and RS232 IN respectively.  The dataloader pins are on the P1 connector which is non-existent on the KLN 35A.  The difference between my unit and the KLX 135 is that the KLX 135 has a built in Comm radio, where my unit is straight VFR GPS unit without Comm, hence; fewer connectors are provided.

The P4001 pin layout for the my unit continues to be a mystery....
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  From: Jim Baker
  To: Michael Hinchcliff
  Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2006 5:03 PM
  Subject: Re: AeroElectric-List: KLN35A Pin/Installation Diagram

  > 1.) Your diagram shows the KLN35A with a "P1" connector.  I believe P1
  > connector has pins 1-22 on one row and pins A-Z on the other.  I
  > believe my unit has a P4001 connector with pins 1-15 on one row and
  > pins A-S on the other.  Are my assumptions are correct and if so, are
  > you aware of a similar drawing showing the KLN35A with a P4001
  > connector?

  I wasn't able to find the 135 data on connectors. Check out....

  The docking station uses the same pinout cable for the KLN90 and KLN135 so if you can find either......

  2.)  How are the alphabetic rows on the connectors arranged
  > since they don't line up with their order from their numbered
  > counterparts?  For example, on the P1, why are pins 22 and Z adjacent
  > instead of 22 and V? On the P4001, pins 15 and S are adjacent instead
  > of 15 and O?  Make sense?

  Try the above for pinout definitions.....

  Jim Baker
  '71 SV,  492TC
  Elmore City, OK

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