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a : 17 August 2005 • 4:26PM -0400

[Andromda-user] [Bpm4Struts cartridge] [New feature: targetting arbitrary columns with table links]
by "" (AndroMDA Forum)


Leif sent me his model

hi Leif, I found out what's wrong:

the fields for that name column in that table you mentioned are text input fields, right ? well, that's because the default widget used for event parameters is such an input field, if you want to override the widget type you'll need to use the @andromda.presentation.web.view.field.type tagged value and (for example) set it to link (for an hyperlink) just as you would for regular action forms (select, password, ...)

from the POV of the cartridge you asked for those fields to have an input field instead of a link by simple not specifying the tagged value

I do agree that having an hyperlink event modeled on the transition could imply that but the tagged value takes precendence, I guess I could update that ..
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