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a : 17 August 2005 • 5:19PM -0400

[Andromda-user] [Spring cartridge] [Reusing the transformer of the DAO] Reusing the transformer of t
by "gehel" (AndroMDA Forum)


I have a value object the is composed of a few other VO. When implementing the tranformer for it, I'd like to reuse the transformer that I already have for the composing VO. Not very clear explanation, I agree ...

Let's say I have an entity A that is composed of an entity B and an entity C


Each of these entities have value objects, let's call them VA, VB and VC. The value object VA is composed of VB and VC


Transforming VB and VC is already done, so when I write the transform method for VA, I'd like to reuse the other transforms. They are public methods on the DAO so it should be possible, but how should I access an instance of the other DAO from A's DAO ?

Rereading that, it still sounds a bit confused ... but I hope you can understand what I mean ...

Thanks for your answers !
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