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a : 18 January 2012 • 5:31AM -0500

Re: [anti-abuse-wg] Status of 2011-06
by Jørgen Hovland


Something to think about regarding 2011-06.

I recently complained to ARIN that the email contact information for an
assignment was incorrect and autoreplied with that the email will not be
read. The reply I received was that there is no policy against this. As
far as I can see, there is nothing in the 2011-06 proposal that prevents
the same thing from happening. Any proposal suggesting that an email
address is mandatory should also require that the email is being read
and responded to by a human person if it cannot be processed by a robot.
I don't want to receive email autoreplies with "please go to this URL,
register with your complete details, receive PIN-code on your mobile,
type in the CAPTCHA words, verify with link in email, login and fill out
this 26-field abuse form" in order to complain. In cases like these, the
remark:-field in the ripe db would be much more suitable than an
abuse-c:-handle for abuse contact information because it would save me
time reading how to complain.

From arin:

Contact information that is functional (meaning email sent to the listed
email address is received) is considered to be valid.  The community of
network operators in the ARIN region has never indicated to ARIN that any
specific response should be expected other than successful receipt of
email.  If there's a consensus some other definition of "valid" should be
used, that change needs to be proposed by someone either via ARIN's
Policy Development Process or ARIN's Consultation and Suggestion Process:

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