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a : 5 January 2006 • 11:43PM -0500

Re: newbie question
by has


linda tanner wrote:

>As a person new to Applescript, I'm looking for a good source of
>related information.

Quick note: if you're looking for discussion on _using_ AppleScript, the right list for that is AppleScript Users. AS Implementors is aimed at developers implementing scripting support in applications, scripting additions, other OSA languages, etc.

But anyway, if you're looking for a programmer-oriented overview of the OSA architecture then _the_ paper to read is:

Apple also provide developer-oriented material that may be useful background reading even if you're not implementing scriptable applications yourself:

The official language guide is installed with the developer tools or available online at:

It's rather old, but the language hasn't changed a great deal since then. If you want a more up-to-date programmer-friendly reference, Matt Neuburg's 'AppleScript: The Definitive Guide' from O'Reilly might be your best bet; I believe a new edition is due shortly.

Finally, if you'd prefer to use a more conventional scripting language (established programmers often find AppleScript a bit jarring), the appscript project on my site provides very good application scripting support for Python. The appscript documentation includes a programmer-oriented introduction and tutorial to how application scripting works, and you also get a cool built-in help system for exploring applications' scripting interfaces from the interactive interpreter.


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