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a : 22 May 2009 • 4:50AM -0400

Rich house-wife fucked by her piano teacher - Video Download
by Skirt Lifted


Rich house-wife fucked by her piano teacher - Video Download
Dillan, who was married to a banking billionaire, needed to learn the piano to be "correct" in her husband's high society. She hired Derek as her trainer, who would come at her home and teach her how to play piano. During training sessions, many a times their bodies would touch each other's and Derek would get horny. Today, Dillan noticed a huge bulge in his trousers and since she had not been fucked by her busy husband for more than 3 months, started accidentally touching his cock. Derek got the clue and could not control his manhood which kept on becoming bigger with every touch of Dillian. Now, who would not want to fuck a beautiful housewife for free? So, he looks into her eyes, and seeing lust in them, straight away grabs her hands. She takes his hands to her tits and he starts kissing his mouth. This results in Derek starting to hard fuck her right in their living room, right next to the piano. Being satisfied with his service, she doubles his piano teaching fees along with the training time. Now they train for 30 mins and fuck for three and half hours everyday. Dillian is also planning to get pregnant with Derek's child. Check out the video, download links are below. Enjoy!

Video Run Time: 20:26
File Size: 124.59 Mb

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