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a : 13 November 2009 • 12:02AM -0500

[Asn1] INTEGER limit
by Monika Gupta



Could someone please let me know, if a field is defined as INTEGER  with no range constraint, then is there a limit on the maximum value it can contain. (e.g. 4 bytes or 4294967295).

A book - "ASN.1 Complete" by John Larmouth says.....

"......However, as an implementor, if you see simply "INTEGER", with no range constraint and no clarifying text, it is usually a safe assumption that a four-octet integer value will be the largest you will receive."

However, I could not find any such directive or suggestion in X.209. This spec defines encoding for an INTEGER field as below, which implies to me that field should be able to hold any arbitrarily large integer values.

"The contents octets shall be a two's, complement binary number equal to the integer value, and consisting of bits 8 to 1 of the first octet, followed by bits 8 to 1 of the second octet, followed by bits 8 to 1 of each octet in turn up to and including the last octet of the contents octets."

Is there any other specification or any later version of this spec that talks about using four octets for integer fields.

Thanks & Regards,

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