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a : 1 July 2008 • 3:47AM -0400

Re: [asterisk-users] Centos-5.2 and zaptel-1.4.11 do not get along well
by Matt Watson


On June 30, 2008 06:25:17 pm Mark G. Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> After doing a "yum update" on my previously Centos-5.1 system, now
> zaptel-1.4.11 fails to build with this below.

>   CC [M]  /opt/src/asterisk/zaptel-1.4.11/kernel/xpp/card_fxo.o
> In file included from /opt/src/asterisk/zaptel-1.4.11/kernel/xpp/xpd.h:26,
>                  from
> /opt/src/asterisk/zaptel-1.4.11/kernel/xpp/card_fxo.c:27:
> /opt/src/asterisk/zaptel-1.4.11/kernel/xpp/xdefs.h:117: error: conflicting
> types for ‘bool’
> include/linux/types.h:36: error: previous declaration of ‘bool’ was here

I;m not sure but I think somebody about a month ago had a very similiar
compilation problem... infact I think it was the same error.

I;m not sure what the proper way is to fix your CentOS box is, however an
option for you might be to just not compile the xpp module.  xpp I believe is
the Xorcom AstriBank... if you don;t actually have an AstriBank then there is
no sense in even compiling/installing the drivers for it.

I;m guessing you haven't run a make menuselect to select only the drivers you

Matt Watson

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