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a : 11 March 2005 • 5:39PM -0500

[Avifile]Codec Keeper - plugins *.so are in incompatible format
by Alexandre Parent


Dear Programmers,

I compiled avifile on a  Linux Suse 9.1 (gcc 3.3.3), all the compilation
works but when I execute aviplay I have the following messages :

<codec keeper> : Found 11 plugins (/usr/local/lib/avifile-0.7,A:40,V:89)
<codec keeper> : WARNING: plugin /usr/local/lib/avifile-0.7/ is
in incompatible format

I don't have any previous installation of avifile, and I tried on a
Debian (gcc 3.2.2), everythig works perfectly.

After little invesigation on the mailing list, it seems that the symbol
in the *.so files differ on the Suse.

I've made a nm on the on Debian and I found the symbol

00038080 D avm_codec_plugin_win32
On the Suse version, this symbol doesn't exist.

It's this part of codeckeeper which doesn't work on the Suse :

    codec_plugin_t* plugin = (codec_plugin_t*) dlsym(pi->dlhandle, plgn);

    if (!plugin || (plugin->version != PLUGIN_API_VERSION))
            if (plugin)
        AVM_WRITE("codec keeper", "WARNING: plugin %s has version %d,
expected %d (should be removed)\n",
              name, plugin->version, PLUGIN_API_VERSION);
        AVM_WRITE("codec keeper", "WARNING: plugin %s is in incompatible
        return 0;

The code is good, but why on Suse the symbols are not defined like on
the others Linux ?
I think it's only a problem of gcc, but I really don't know how to fix
it ...

Kind regards.

PS : I've compiled, avifile v. 7.38, 7.41, 7.43 and the cvs version.
Always with the same result... :'(

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