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[Baraya_Sunda] Warisan - 23 Rupa Hui
by Ki Hasan


23 Rupa Hui

Geuning lain ngan ukur Cau, nu sakitu loba rupana teh. Eta, hui oge loba
varitasna. Beu, enya beungharna teh nya lembur urang ku saniskara tutuwuhan.


Huwi, a potatoe, a yam, any farinaceous or esculent root, of which there is
a great variety, belonging chiefly to the genera Dioscorea and Conrolvulus.
The following is a list of those known to the Sunda people
1. Bahung, a large sort.
2. Boléd, the same as Mantang, wich see.
3. Butun, probably the yam of Butun, an island off the S. East corner of
Celebes. It is planted by the Chinese about Tangerang and Léngkong. It is
the Dioscorea alata. Alata, introduced into Java? which would denote its
being originally a stranger there.
4. Buwah.
5. Dudung, small and round grows wild in forest.
6. Gedé, a large variety.
7. Jahe, a small sort.
8. Kalapa, a large sort.
9. Kamayung, resembles Toropong only shorter.
10. Kentang, the common potatoe, Solanuin tuberosum.
11. Kétan, large sort.
12. Kiara, large and branching out like the fingers, or the root of •the
Kiara tree.
13. Kumeli, a small round yam, the bulb of the Plectranthus Tnberosus. Vide
14. Lampuyang.
15. Lilin, nearly the same as kalapa.
16. Manis, large sort and sweet.
17. Mantang, the sweet potatoe, a small native yam called also Boléd,
Convolvulus Batatas, called in Javanese and Malay Katéla, and ubi Jawa. It
is said that the Malay name is also sometimes heard as Kastilla, as if of
Castille and thus introduced by the Spaniards, but its having two pure Sunda
names Mantang and Boléd pleads for its being indigenous.
18. Orai, long and crooked.
19. Sabut, grows of itself in the forest- a poor variety barely eatable.
20. Tapak.
21. Toropong, the telescope, long and straight in yam- and very good.
22. Tunduk.
23. Wolanda, Dutch or Holland’s yam, the name given to the Cassave or
Jatropha Manihot, from which we must conclude that it was introduced into
Java from the West Indies though now every where very common.

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