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b : 21 August 2009 • 2:00AM -0400

clip-path and onmouseover (or click, onmouseout, etc.) events!
by Mathieu Pedrero


HI Everybody!

I want to ask you a little question, wich concerns the way svg files
are displayed by batik (there isn't any programation issue here):
I created a clip-path element: A filled circle "masked" (more
precisely clip-pathed) by a filled rectangle. On the circle element of
the svg document, i put a onmouseover and a onmuseout attributes, wich
calls a javascript method which changes the color of my shape.

The problem is that, when I try this document in batik, the color of
the shape changes even when the cursor is over the non-apparent part
of the circle: The cursor is outside the rectangle, but would be on
the circle if it wasn't "clip-pathed", and the part of the circle
inside the rectangle changes its color.

With, firefox, i don't have this problem (the color changes only if my
mouse is on the part of the circle inside the rectangle).

So I would like to know if it's a bug of batik? Will it be fixed?

Maybe it is a difference of interpretation of the W3C SVG
specifications between Firefox and batik! Is it? (in this case, i
think that firefox interpretation is more logical: if the shape is
masked by a "0-1" mask, only the apparent part must react )

Can I try to "fix" it? I tried to search the Javadoc API for the class
responsibles for this interpretation, but i've no idea! If there are
some batik developpers on this mailing, can they shox me the
"incriminated classes"

Thanks a lot!

(I work with batik 1.7 and JDK6)

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