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[BedrockBooks] FS-Pilgrims, Pumphrey, Raleigh, Mayflower bio
by family home


shipping is $1 per book if you get at least 4 books.  Otherwise it goes by weight starting at $3.

PILGRIM STORIES, MARGARET PUMPHREY'S, revised and expanded, pb, exc cond,k,$2

COLONIES, Educational and color book, 8 x 10, exc cond, Mayflower and history of each colony, $3

THE NEW WORLD HELD PROMISE, WHY ENGLAND COLONIZED NORTH AMERICA, hb xlib, "Examines the reasons for and process of English colonization of North America from the first attempt in Newfoundland to the founding of Georgia, the last colony."  96 pp, vg cond, $5

THE TALL MAN FROM BOSTON, hb, xlib, "An account of the Salem witch trials emphasizing the role of John Alden, one of the unjustly accused" 46 pp, $4
ALMOST HOME, A Story based on the life of the Mayflower's Mary Chilton, Moody press, 148 pp, $4

THE TINKER'S DAUGHTER, A Story based on the life of Mary Bunyan, John Bunyan's beloved blind daughter and her story, exc cond, Moody Press 135 pp, $5

COMMODORE HORNBLOWER, Forester hb, 384 pp, vg cond, $20

NELSON AND THE AGE OF FIGHTING SAIL, Horizon Caravel book, first edition, 153pp, vg cond, $10

SIR WALTER RALEGH AND THE QUEST FOR EL DORADO, hb, exc cond, "Recounts the adventurous life of the English explorer and courtier .... who led many expeditions to the new world"  222 pp, many illustrations, maps, timeline, "this biography explores the amazing accomplishments and dismal failures of one of the most flamboyant figures of the Elizabethan age. Best remembered for laying his coat in a muddy puddle so that Queen Elizabeth I could walk across it, Sir Walter Ralegh committed himself to pleasing his monarch and obtaining power in her court. He heroically risked his life in battle time and again, chasing after glory to win her favor. His notoriously ill-fated quest for the mythological golden city of El Dorado was perhaps his grandest attempt, but it also was his undoing, and Ralegh ultimately paid for his mistakes with his life. ...charismatic and brave, he was brilliant as well, and his contributions to the New World and to western culture as a whole were vast and enduring." quality book, xlib but looks unused, $18

PETER STUYVESANT, NEW AMSTERDAM AND THE ORIGINS OF NEW YORK, hb, xlib, 112 pp, 7 x 9, exc cond, almost as new, includes timeline, glossary and additional resources pages, fascinating biography, $5
AMERICA'S STORY IN PICTURES, HB,469 pp, full of b & w photos and illustrations on every page, from 1000 (Discovery by Vikings) to post World War II years,  excellent book for those wanting original art, illustrations, and photos of U.S. history!, beautiful condition, $15
NEW WORLD'S AHEAD, Firsthand Accounts of English Voyages, hb, 200 pp, great resource of source literature, exc cond, $8

HEROES EVERY CHILD SHOULD KNOW, Tales for young people of the world's heroes in all ages, hb, Perseus, Hercules, Daniel, David St. George, King Arthur, Sir Galahad Siegfried, Roland, King Alfred, The Cid, Robin Hood, Richard the Lion-Hearted, Saint Louis, William Tell, Robert Bruce, George Washington, Robert E Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Father Damien,  332 pp, each chapter is a different author, 1908,vg cond,"To be some kind of a hero has been the ambition of spirited youth from the beginning of history; and if you want to know what the men and women of a country care for most, you must study their heroes. To the boy the hero stands for the highest success: to the grown man and woman he stands for the deepest and richest life" $10

any books printed prior to 1985 are sold to adults as collectors only


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