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[BedrockBooks] FS- Wildflowers, Rain forest, Plants, MSB, Caves
by DES--Skylarks


shipping is $1 a book if you get 4 or more, otherwise it's by weight starting at $3.50.

HERE IS THE TROPICAL RAIN FOREST, ages 3-8, beautiful book, 8 x 10, $3

AMERICAN WILD FLOWERS Coloring Book, Dover, Learn scientific facts about 46 flowers and have fun doing it, 8 x 10, 46 color plates shown how to color them accurately according to nature, and each page shows the common name of the flower and the latin name, and
where it is found, 1 page colored out of 46, exc cond, $3

NATURE INVENTED IT FIRST, illustrated with photographs by author, "Inventions developed by plants and animals in response to their environment, including electricity, flight, jet propulsion, chemical warfare, and the cultivation of crops," and more, hb, xlib, exc cond, $7

PRAIRIE WILDFLOWERS, showy wildflowers of the Plains, Valleys, and Foothills in the Northern Rocky Mountain states, 7 x 9, exc cond, beautiful photographs of each flower, identity with all data on each flower, $6

PLANTS, Milliken Transparencies, 20 activities, teaching guide, grades 5-9, 12 beautiful color transparencies, includes algae, mosses, ferns, gymnosperms, angiosperms, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, pollination, fertilization, photosynthesis, economic uses of plants and much more, $8

PERFORMING PLANTS, hb, xlib, exc cond, Explains tropisms, carnvorous plants, seed dispersal, light-giving plants, electroculture, response to sounds atomic gardens and farms, cold and plant life healing plants, plant hunters, and more, nice pen and ink illustrations, $6

PLANT MYSTERIES,  A SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY,  hb, xlib, Describes human like sensitivity and responses of plants, such as perceiving and reacting to people's thoughts and feelings and presents scientific reasons for such behavior, includes plant hormones, sound, light,
gravity, and much more, 158 pp, $3

CAVES,  8 x 8, sc, Examines the formation, ecology, study of and folklore of caves, $3

CACTUS, CROCODILES, CUBS, Weekly Reader Science Reading Skills Workbook, 8 x 10, unused, grades 2-5, puzzles, activities, fun workbook, answer key, $3

ECOLOGY, USBORNE SCIENCE AND EXPERIMENTS, A PRACTICAL INTRO WITH PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES, 8 X 10, sc, exc cond, some of the activities include building an ant observatory, making a pond, building a compost heap, sprouting beans and seeds, building a bird table, birdwatching planting trees, making recycled paper and more, $5

MEAT-EATING PLANTS, Weird and Wacky Science, hb, xlib, exc cond,48 pp, 1996, quality book with well-written and interesting information, colorful photos, $3
THE PICTORIAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PLANTS AND FLOWERS, hb,590 pp, vg cond, includes photographs and all of the vital statistics on plants and flowers-latin names, description, species, location, etc. huge!, $12
THE STRANGLER FIG AND OTHER STRANGE PLANTS, xlib, HB 63 pp, pen and ink illustrations, $1

MAGIC SCHOOLBUS MEETS THE ROT SQUAD, pb, A Book about Decomposition, 8 x 8, cover shows wear,'' $2

FLOWERS, A First Discovery Book, exc cond, features transparent pages, 7 x 7, flowers, pollination, fruit,  the transparent pages are so amazing- showing the bees hovering over the flower to pollinate, showing the flower of the plant and then the fruit, great book- elementary ages and up!, $5

SEEDS AND MORE SEEDS, Selsam, a Science I Can Read book, hb, 60 pp, exc cond, $2

ROTTERS, DECOMPOSITION, hb, xlib, exc cond, 2006, great photos, includes bacteria,mold fungi insect rotters, using rotters, and more, $5

FLOWERS AND WHAT THEY ARE, hb,includes what's in a name, how does your garden grow? parts of the flower and what they do, night-bloomers, how plants travel, flowers from hidden stems, Luther Burbank, from forest to jungle, poisonous  flowers,and much more, xlib, spine taped on and book opens too far, 60pp, clean pp, well used but very good info, $4

Books printed 1985 or earlier are sold to adults as collectors only.


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