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[BedrockBooks] FS-Explorers, DeSoto,Marco Polo, DK, Hudson, Hands On History
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shipping is $1 per book if you get at least 4 books.  Otherwise it goes by weight starting at $3.50 (US addresses)
THE STORY OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, Admiral of the Ocean Sea, RL 3.1, exc cond, 1987, 90 pp,$1

VASCO DA GAMA and THE PORTUGUESE EXPLORERS, World Explorers, hb, xlib, exc cond, quality book of 112 pp, Chelsea House, $8

SIR FRANCIS DRAKE, A WORLD EXPLORER , hb, 95 pp, beautiful condition, k, $5

FRANCIS DRAKE, Troll, older pb, xlib, $1

EXPLORERS FOR GOD, hb, 15 exciting tales about early explorers whose faih and courage took them into uncharted lands- and changed the world forever..... Cyril and Methodius, Francis Xavier, Bradford, Mance,Bartolome de las Casas, Marquette, Penn, Rasch, Cook, Herschel, Jean Baptiste DuSable, Judson, Franklin, Tinne, Sacagawea, like new, quality book, k, $8

MARCO POLO, ADVENTURES IN CHINA, hb , xlib, 154 pp, Horizon Caravel series- a favorite, cover shows wear, inside very good, $7

THE VOYAGES OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, LANDMARK , hb, xlib, solid and sturdy,  $9

THE VOYAGES OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, LIVING HISTORY, 8 x 11 hb, "Describes the four voyages of Columbus to the New World and his activities there." large beautiful book, photos, illustrations, maps, HBJ, Gulliver books, exc cond, $12

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF LEWIS AND CLARK, National Geographic Society, hb, 216 pp, beautiful photographs, illustrations, color portraits, maps, and much more,great resource, $7


COLORING BOOK OF GREAT EXPLORERS, Bellerophon, exc cond, unused, 8 x 10, detailed pen and ink pages to color plus a page of teaching on each explorer and their ships, crests, and more, k, $3

COLUMBUS AND CORTEZ, CONQUERORS FOR CHRIST,  The controversy, the conquest, the mission, the vision, forward by Peter Marshall, pb, 304 pp, exc cond, $10

CORTES OF MEXICO, hb, xlib, 190 pp, xlib,chapter biography, "Every now and then in the course of history there appears a man who stands out in courage, persistence, and strength. Hernando Cortes was one, conqueror of Mexico. Leaving Spain at 19 in 1504 his adventurous spirit never flagged.." $6

COLUMBUS, FINDER OF THE NEW WORLD, xlib, hb, 70 pp, vg cond, $4

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, HISTORY-HANDS ON!, 8 x 10, gr. 1-4, includes at Home in Portugal, Off to Spain, Compass Calculations/Trouble on Board, Crew Rap, Discoveries, Shipwreck!, Homeward Bound, Honored in Spain, Coat of Arms, Plus or Minus? , Familiar Words, Final Voyage, Skit, and much more, 32 pp, exc cond (some highlighting), $6

HERNANDO DE SOTO, Groundbreakers, hb, 7 x 10, "A biography of the wealthy Spanish explorer who became the first white man to cross the Mississippi"  great detail, more than an overview by far but written recently with the student's interest in mind, maps, tmeline, and more, exc cond , $8

COLUMBUS AND THE NEW WORLD, Vision Book, hb,  xlib, yellowing pp, 190 pp, unusual,  $8

PEDRO'S JOURNAL, A VOYAGE WITH CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, August 3, 1492- February 14, 1493,  exc cond, pb,k, $2

COLUMBUS AND THE RENAISSANCE EXPLORERS, Great Explorers, 6 x 9, sc, Usborne style, k, $2

THE REAL BOOK ABOUT GOLD, hb, dj,  222 pp, "This book tells the real story of gold from ancient times down to the present day. Because this metal, above all others, has captured te imagination of mankind, many fabulous stories have accumulated round it.  This book tells you some of these strange legends from both the Old World and the New.  There are also tales of gold rushes, some funny, some tragic, that makde fascinating reading..."  bce, exc cond, $5
FERDINAND MAGELLAN, THE FIRST VOYAGE AROUND THE WORLD, hb, xlib, exc cond, "A description of the life and voyage of the 16th century Portuguese sea captain who commanded the first expedition to sail around the world"  thorough, interesting, $7

THE VOYAGE OF MAGELLAN, Exploration through the Ages, 9 x 11, xlib, hb,Franklin Watts,  1988, vg cond, full color illustrations, illustrated title page, similar to Usborne in style and layout/quality, $7

SIR ERNEST SHACKLETON, Great Explorations, hb, xlib, "Presents the life and Arctic explorations of Sir Ernest Shackleton"  By Endurance we Conquer!, Benchmark books,  edges of pages have tears so only $2 (does not affect any words)

DAVID LIVINGSTONE, hb, xlib, exc cond, "Biography of the Scottish doctor and missionary who was also for his explorations in Africa in the 19th century"  2002, beautiful layout, colorful, $5

STANLEY AND LIVINGSTONE, EXPEDITIONS THROUGH AFRICA, Beyond the Horizons,xlib, oversized hb, Raintree pub, 1995, along with all the expeditions of these men you also read about the historical background, transportation and equipment, discoveries and achievements, the people of Africa and what happened later, as well as further reading suggestions, exc cond,colorful photos too, $7

JAMES COOK, ACROSS THE PACIFIC TO AUSTRALIA, hb 9 x 11, exc cond, includs historical background, the voyages of James Cook, Cook's Discoveries, the native peoples of the Pacific, what happened later,$6

THE DISCOVERY OF THE AMERICAS, 9 x 10, sc, exc cond, RL2, 50 pp, k, $4
CARTIER SAILS THE ST. LAWRENCE, hb, first known as The Voyages of Jacques Cartier,108 pp, all 3 voyages, beautiful pen and ink illustrations throughout, quality book, $12

THE AGE OF EXPLORATION, hb, exc cond, 1999, "Discusses the discoveries of several notable explorers including Henry the Navigator, Dias, Cabot,de Soto, Cabrillo, Columbus, DaGama, Drake,Cortes,  and Magellan as well as others, such as del Cano" xlib, $12

HENRY THE NAVIGATOR, THE WORLD'S GREAT EXPLORERS, "A biography of the Portuguese prince whoese navigational ideas and innovations had a significant impact on later explorers."  126 pp, exc cond, xlib, hb,  colorful, great book, Children's Press, $7

GOLDEN CITIES, GOLDEN SHIPS, Early Spanish Explorers of California,  hb, xlib, includes Cabrillo and Ferrelo, Vizcaino, Portola and Ayala, 48 pp, brave but unknown Spanish explorers, $3

JOHN CABOT AND SON, hb, xlib, Troll, 48 pp, $3
THE TRAVELS OF JOHN AND SEBASTIAN CABOT, hb, xlib, exc cond, 48 pp, colorful, interesting layout, $4

RISKING IT ALL, Moments in American History, hb 80 pp, includes Amerigo Vespucci, Hudson, Pocahontas, Anne Bradstreet, King Philip, and John Peter Zenger, vg cond, $2


AGE OF EXPLORATION (1420 TO 1620), A HISTORY OF THE WORLD'S CULTURES, Time Life hb,8.5 x11, exc cond, approx 190 pp, alot of detailed information, $3

DE SOTO, FINDER OF THE MISSISSIPPI, hb, exc cond, elem to middle school
biography, xlib, $4

EXPLORING THE GREAT RIVER, EARLY VOYAGERS ON THE MISSISSIPPI FROM DESOTO TO LASALLE, "Eyewitness accounts of the first Spanish and French explorations, including narratives of the expeditions of De Soto, Marquette and Jolliet, Hennepin, and La Salle. " xlib hb,exc cond, 6 x9, ''$8

WHO DISCOVERED AMERICA? Was it Columbus? Leif Ericsson? Early traders from Asia? Fishermen from England?  The ancestors of the Indians?  Here is the surprising scientific detective story of the search for clues to the earliest settlers and explorers of the New World, hb, xlib,   illustrated with photographs, prints, and maps, 129 pp, 7 x 10 , vg cond, ''' $5

OLD CIVILIZATIONS OF THE NEW WORLD,  393 pp, they discuss the origins of civilization and so this part may be controversial to some, $1

GYPSIES, Wanderers of the World, National Geographic Society,  HB  216 pp, vg cond, contents include: theoutlandysshe people, pilgrimage to the sea, gypsy violins, nazi death camps, in summer a golden life, they shy at no audacity, long life to everyone, across the Bosporus into Asia, cold camps and Gypsy-killer pass, the mystery remains intact; $6

AMERICA BEGINS, THE STORY OF THE FINDING OF THE NEW WORLD, hb, Dalgliesh, includes Columbus, Cabot, fur traders, Golden hind, lost colony, New France, Virginia, Vikings, Marco Polo , and much more, great for the middle school or later elementary years,exc cond, xlib, $10
I DISCOVER COLUMBUS, A True History of the Great Admiral by One who Sailed with Him, pb,$2

THEY MADE AMERICA GREAT, hb, a colorful, well-written antique book on America, from Columbus, LaSalle, Pocahontas, Bradford, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Madison, Jackson, Houston, Whitney, Lewis and Clark, Boone, Zane, Whitmans, Cody, Civil War, Barton, Bell, Alcott, Gompers, Addams, Panama Canal, Wrights, Ford, Twain, Wilson, Carver, Roosevelt, and many more, 302 pp, exc cond, $6

HEROES OF AMERICAN DISCOVERY Illustrated, great for research prior to teaching a unit,  this is a living history source- I will quote the forward, "The present volume is intended to give a general idea of the progress of exploration in the districts now forming Canada and the United States with the general advance of the white man westwards.  The chief authorities consulted ... were the reports to their superiors of the early Jesuit missionaries; George Bancroft's History of the U.S.; and Bancroft's Native Races of the Pacific.  But reference has also been made to the original works of all the great travelers in the districts under notice; while much valuable geographical information has been culled from the Journals of the learned societies both of England and America and from Reclus's Geographie Universelle."  Written by D'Anvers, 280 pp, 1885/93, hb, top of spine has a tear, amazing pen and ink illustrations and portraits, includes every explorer you can think of, collectible/antique, $40

IT ALL STARTED WITH COLUMBUS, older hb, good condition, this is actually a farce/humorous take on history from Columbus to early 20th century, it is written to be enjoyed but not used to study history,$3

HERNANDO DE SOTO, hb, xlib, exc cond, "A biography of the Spanish explorer who led the first European expedition to reach the Mississippi River, explored in what is now Florida, and took part in the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire"  Raintree, 32 pp, 1989, $5

FORGOTTEN VOYAGER, THE STORY OF AMERIGO VESPUCCI, hb, xlib, exc cond, 7 x 9, "Describes the possible story of  Amerigo's life as an Italian explorer and navigator.  Not much is known about his earlier life.  She explores controversies surrounding Amerigo's travels and presents linsights into many of the questions about this misunderstood and often forgotten man"  80 pp, 1991, $9

ATLAS OF EXPLORATION, 8X 10, sc , exc cond, "a fascinating introduction to the history of exploration for children aged 8 and up"  colorful, highly-illustrated maps showing routes, information on exploration form 400 BC to the 20th century, written and researched by experts, lots of details about what explorers took along and what they brought back,  children's book of the month selection, k, $7

THE ADVENTURES OF LEWIS AND CLARK, North Star books, 183 pp, xlib, cover worn, inside tight,excellent living book about these brave men who opened up the United States' West, '$5

STORIES FROM THE DAYS OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS  collection for young readers, hb, "A collection of traditional tales, fables and legends from the cultures brought together or affected by the voyages of Columbus, including those of Spain Portugal, Italy, and mainland and island Indian tribes he encountered" 160 pp, xlib, vg cond, $5

JOHN CHARLES FREMONT,Pathfinder to the West, hb, Great Explorations series,quality book and looks unused, xlib, "A biography of the 19th century soldier,politician, and explorer whose many expeditions helped open up American West to settlers." $6

NARCISSA WHITMAN, BRAVE PIONEER, Troll sc, exc cond, "focuses on the events from youth of the first white woman to cross the Rocky Mountains" a fascinating story of bravery and sacrifice, $3

THE VOYAGES OF HENRY HUDSON, hb, World Landmark,"The story of a courageous English sea captain in 1607, whose expedition marked the beginning of a daring and dangerous career. This is an account of the four journeys that took him around Norway to Greenland and the New World. The Hudson River and Hudson Bay are named after him." exc cond xlib, strong library binding, great series, $10

Any books printed 1985 or earlier are being sold to adults as collectors only.


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