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b : 18 October 2008 • 1:05AM -0400

[BigBoobsMom] Married Secretary forced to fuck with boss to save her job - Video Download
by Christy Roberts


Married Secretary forced to fuck with boss to save her job - Video Download
Due to the economic conditions, Jane's boss had put her name in the list of
employees to be fired. Jane needed to keep this job at all costs since her 2
kids were in school and her husband was fired 3 months back. Now she was the
sole bread earner of the family and they had lots of on-going EMIs. With
this in mind, she goes to plead with the boss about not firing her after all
the staff had left for the day. The boss asks her, what is his benefit for
not firing her and gives her a nasty stare at her boobs. Jane realises she
got to fuck with the boss if she wanted to retain her job. Making up her
mind, she starts removing her clothes in front of the lusty boss. The boss
also undresses and shoves his cock in her small mouth and then fucks her
like a whore. At the end, he tells her, if she wants to stay in the job,
she's got to fuck with him anytime he wants and anyhow he wants (with anal
being the next one). Video Download links are below.

Video Run Time: 8:47
File Size: 51.83 Mb <>

Video Download links at ** <>

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