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b : 15 August 2005 • 9:08PM -0400

Re: [BIKE] RE: East West, River to River Routes through Center City
by Peter Rosenfeld


The problem with a "little street" approach is you will indeed be
weaving in and out from one little street out to a cross boulevard and
back into the next little street segment, and that means a lot more
turns, such as left turns off of busy streets onto the next "little
street". And a lot of these little streets don't have rihgt-of-way at
the streets they cross, typically having a stop sign, so you have a lot
more crossings where you have to wait for a break in multilanes of
traffic to get across. It's indeed doable, but might take a level of
bicycling skill that is higher than just taking one of the larger
streets that go directly from river to river.

-Peter Rosenfeld

John Boyle wrote:

> The little streets would offer a fantastic route if they were signed
> favorably for directional travel. Eastbound Delancey works well from
> 26^rd to 17th^th street although you do have to jog against traffic
> sometimes to get to the next segment .
> Google Maps shows the direction of traffic (which may or may not be
> accurate) and so based on that I plotted an eastbound and a westbound
> route from Penn’s Landing to Schuylkill River Park on the GMAPS
> Pedometer website * *
> * *
> The route each way is about 2.9 miles, it involves some wrong way
> travel and cutting through Washington Square. Please walk your bike in
> these situations, use the big streets if you’re in a hurry.
> If anyone has a better little streets route let me know and I’ll post
> it on the Philadelphia Bicycle News Blog.
> John Boyle
> Advocacy Coordinator
> The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
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> *From:* Rudolphus9@aol....
> *Sent:* Sunday, August 14, 2005 10:24 AM
> *To:* bcgp_philly@yaho...
> *Subject:* East West, River to River Routes through Center City
> Hi Dudes!
> My sincere thanks to the many people who responded to my query about a
> good route to take from river to river through Center City. I am in
> the process of trying the many good suggestions.
> I was surprised that no one mentioned a route that would involve the
> many little streets between major blocks, e.g., Naudain, Waverly,
> Addison, Panama, Manning, etc. Of course, no one of these streets goes
> straight through from river to river so it would be necessary to weave
> in and out as needed. These little streets hardly have any motor cars
> on them. If we found a truly suitable route we might even ask that it
> be declared an "official" bike path! Just a thought. Any reaction?
> Again, my sincere appreciation.
> Cheers!
> Rudy
> Dr. Rudolph Masciantonio
> 429 S. 20th St.
> Philadelphia, PA 19146
> e-mail: Rudolphus9@aol.... <mailto:Rudolphus9@aol....>
> telephone: 215 732 6431
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