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b : 25 November 2005 • 11:40PM -0500

[Bits] ufsrestore speed
by thorsten Sideb0ard


Up until about a week ago, I was using a StoragTek SAN which had so many
different volumes on it, it was taking over 24 hours to backup each night
(over 400GB of data).
I've now moved over to a Hitachi HDS 9570, and I created just one large
volume on it.

That reduced the backup time to around 9 hours, so i was exceptionally
pleased. However, now when i try a restore, well, i've never hung around
long enough for it to complete! I tried one the other day, kicked it off
at 10am and it still wasnt finished by 6pm, so i just killed it. Tried
again this morning, and same thing i kicked it off about 10am, and its
still going at 15:30.

My first google turned up this took called fastfs..

Which would appear to solve the problem, or at least increase the speed by
a large factor. It does this by turning off all syncronous access, so you
could be buggered if the system crashes during restore, but as long as you
are doing your restore to a non-production filesystem, you should be fine.
Well, even with this tool, but its still taking ages. *gasp!* its just

Aiigh-t, well thats that out of the way!

What that was leading me to, is to to see how others are handling their
backups these days, with such large amounts of data being so commonplace?

We use NetBackup on the Windows side, and I do have Solaris clients
installed, but even so, their backup window is already close to 16 hours,
and trying to squeeze my 400GB into their window would be a pain. We
recently just got in a Nexsan AttaBeat (what a name!) which is a SATA
based disk SAN, we bought it specifically for staged to disk backup, so
the nightly backups are done to disk images first, and then moved out to
tape after that.

Thats going to be fine for awhile, but it still feels like squeezing the
last ounce out of current technologies, as opposed to a new more efficient
and elegant solution.

Whats the way forward???! :) opinions? technologies?


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