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c : 14 April 2011 • 8:28PM -0400

Essay Request - Active Participles in Quranic Arabic
by Kais Dukes


Dear members of the comp-quran mailing list,

In version 0.3 of the Quranic Arabic Corpus, we had a new user-contributed
section on Arabic verb forms (see: This information is
useful, so that now annotators can quickly look up what a form I to form X
verb should look like in general. My question is this - does anyone know of
any free online material for form I to form X active participles, passive
participles and verbal nouns? Essentially, I’m looking for some good online
material that shows what these derived forms look like as nouns, as a
general guide. So for example, just exactly what is a form X passive

The reason I am asking this, is that recently, on the website's message
board a lot of inter-annotator discussion has been on the precise tagging of
the forms of nouns derived from verbs.

Even better, would anyone be interested in contributing a brief one to two
page essay on this? If so, we can incorporate it into the next version of
the website and the next version of the annotation guidelines. I would be
happy to add your name(s) - if you wish - the list of prominent website
contributors: As further encouragement,
if you contribute, you're work is likely to be of value to a great many
people. The Quranic Arabic Corpus website (, is now
used by over different 2,500 people each day, and has grown into one of the
most popular Quranic research websites online.

Looking forward to hearing from you! P.S. If it’s okay, please feel free to
hit “reply all” to this e-mail so that you can share your reply with other
members of the comp-quran mailing list.

Kind Regards,

-- Kais Dukes

School of Computing,

University of Leeds

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