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c : 28 February 2008 • 5:47PM -0500

Re: CinePaint Cons Packager
by Robin Rowe


Somebody sent me this question off-list...

> Hi, have you considered using SCons ( instead? Cons has
> not been maintained for many years now, and is pretty much at the end of
> its life. However, its best ideas live on in SCons, which is actively
> being developed and sports features that surpass that of Cons (such as
> out-of-the-package support for parallel builds).

If someone wants to volunteer to provide scons support for CinePaint, I
wouldn't turn it down. Personally, I prefer cons because I do more Perl
than Python.

I've adopted orphaned projects before. CinePaint evolved from a
forgotten branch of GIMP that project never released.

Robin Rowe
CinePaint Project Leader
Beverly Hills, California

Open CinePaint Volunteer Position

CinePaint is popular advanced image editing software used by pro
photographers and studio visual effects artists.

Are you interested in learning an alternative to autotools? Cons is a
simple widely-used, but not well-known build system based on Perl. Some
knowledge or interest in learning cons, Perl, and autotools necessary.
Fun project for someone who likes Perl and is interested in build systems.


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