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c : 1 October 2007 • 3:33PM -0400

Re: [cricket-developers] getDSCurrentValue
by Hermann Lauer



On Fri, Sep 28, 2007 at 11:57:20AM -0700, Sean Whitney wrote:
> I've been looking though grapher.cgi and trying to figure out  
> how cricket determines the "current" value on a webpage.
> Can someone tell me why cricket implements this getDSCurrentValue  
> instead of using rrd CF LAST?

This function fetches the Values of the datasources directly out
of the rrd file. For a solaris sparc 64 architecture, I needed to
add the appropriate formats and offsets in the machine specific file.
>From the name "getDSCurrentValue" my guess is, that this function fetches
out of the pdp area of the rrd file.

> This email from Tobi seems to indicate that it's the last PDP value  
> added.
> 000370.html
> Which if I'm reading this correctly seems to be the "current" value  
> that we're trying to display.
> I believe GPRINT uses the CF "LAST" value which seems to be the same  
> value.

The answer you cited from Tobi looks for me like that is fetching
the last value from the best matching RRA archive. If you have no
LAST RRA defined, I don't know what you will actually get.

> Oh my reason for this question, is that I'm trying to create a  
> rrdgraph query that will get the same result as the "Current" value.  
> What I have so far seems to work for everything but octets.....

Probably that not possible. As I'm trying to include all that information
of cricket within the graphs of the eddibrowser tool, I would be
interested if you have success.

Hope this helps a little (and I'm not remembering all that stuff wrong),


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