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c : 26 May 2009 • 3:38AM -0400

[Cricket] Married vs. Unmarried match
by Sumedh Warudkar



Here are the teams for the married vs. unmarried game.

Married XI

1.     Prasad Dharap

2.     Harshit Chatur

3.     Ashavani Kumar

4.     Sameer Israni

5.     Ravi Kumar

6.     Vipin Tyagi

7.     Kirti (c)

8.     Kishore Mudda

9.     Dharmpal Thakar a.k.a Kaka J

10.  Dhaval Mehta (Borrowed from unmarried XI)

11.  Sumedh Warudkar (wk)

Unmarried XI

1.     Ram Krishnamurthy

2.     Aravind Subramani

3.     Hamed Rauf

4.     Jeyrama (c)

5.     Dananjay SL

6.     Kaushik Kumar Ram (wk)

7.     Leela Reddy

8.     Saravanan Srinivasan

9.     Vivek Sampath

10.  Akshay Mathkar

11.  Ratandeep Srivastava

The game will be 20 overs a side. Let us all meet at 3:00 pm on O'Connor
Field. Since, this is a special match featuring pretty much all of the
married members of RCC; I would like to request all the married folks to get
their wives to this game to cheer their side!!

Also, it's pretty hot in the afternoon and evenings. Make sure you get
enough water and energy drinks.. Details once again:

Time: 3:00 pm

Date: 30th May, 2009

Place: O'Connor Field, Rice University

Format: T20


Sumedh Warudkar, Graduate Student | Chemical and Biomolecular Engg dept |
Rice University | Lab: (713)-348-2705 | Cell: (713)-501-8782 | Email:
<mailto:sumedh@rice...> sumedh@rice...

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