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c : 18 November 2005 • 11:36PM -0500

[Culture] THE RAINBOW IS YOURS @ secret cinema TONITE!
by Benseraglio2


Secret Cinema presents colorful program THE RAINBOW IS YOURS

Friday, November 18
8:00 pm
Admission: $6.00

Moore College of Art & Design
20th & Race Streets, Philadelphia
(215) 965-4099

Color in motion pictures is taken for granted now; it's the default setting
in most of our modern media world, where black and white films or
photographs are seen as arty and anachronistic. But imagine when that
wasn't so, when a burst of color projected on a screen gave an extra thrill
to moviegoers, firing heretofore untested neurons in the pleasure zones of
viewers' brains.

Color motion pictures were in the minority in movie theaters until the
1960s, but were even lesser seen in the NONTHEATRICAL world of industrial
and educational films, where lower budgets made the use of color an exotic

TONIGHT -- Friday, November 18 -- The Secret Cinema at Moore College of Art
& Design will present the special program THE RAINBOW IS YOURS: COLOR IN
EPHEMERAL FILMS. A celebration of the sheer sensuality of color motion
pictures, the program will include a variety of films that used color to
sell products, educate school children, or simply to entertain. Besides
indulging in the dazzling hues, watching the various shorts will provide
ultra vivid scenes of a still-innocent mid-century America.

Additionally, the screening will serve as a primer on historical color film
stocks, including examples of such non-fading processes as dye-transfer
Technicolor, Kodachrome, Anscochrome and Cinecolor. These rare prints are
all part of the Secret Cinema film archive.

There will be one complete show starting at 8:00 pm. Admission is $6.00.

As usual, this Secret Cinema program will be projected in 16mm film on a
giant screen (not video).


THE RAINBOW IS YOURS (1951) - This sales film, produced by the legendary
Jam Handy industrial film studios, served to introduce the new line of
Chevrolets, and the many new paint combinations available to post-war
consumers, in a veritable orgy of screaming colors. It was made at a time
when nobody paid attention to the price of gas -- the smallest model shown
would be challenging to park on today's streets!

CRANBERRY INDUSTRY OF NEW JERSEY (1947) - An often fascinating, always
beautiful look at the complicated process of harvesting cranberries, in the
nearby town of Chatsworth. Your next Thanksgiving dinner will contain a new
appreciation for all the work that went into it.

ARRANGING A BUFFET SUPPER (1946) - Made to show to girls' home economics
classes, this instructional film covers fine points of serving etiquette
that appear to have been forgotten by today's all-you-can-eat chain

BOUNDARY LINES (1945) - This political cartoon, by Phillip Stapp, makes
effective use of simple animation and avant garde music to delineate the
differences between men which lead to war. This short was included in the
very-first program of Amos Vogel's long running Cinema 16 film society, in
November of 1947.


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