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c : 19 November 2005 • 4:24AM -0500

[Culture] GATE TO MOONBASE ALPHA and more @ the Rotunda
by Benseraglio2


Events Nov, 18, 19, 20 (3 days, 5 events!)
Gate to Moonbase Alpha, Laying the Foundation lectures & action committees,
Slam AIDS, NERDCON, Dancing Down Colonialism
The next few days will feature (hold onto your hats!): genre- defying
experiments in sound and sight; lectures and open discussion on Assata Shakur, Assoc.
for the Study of Classical African Civilization, and other topics; spoken
word, African drumming+dance, and more to raise funds for AIDS victims; over 40
vendors peddling comics, sci fi, anime, horror, etc., plus DJs and special
guests; and word and film on Puerto Rican political prisoners (Keynote speaker
Dylcia Pagan).
Unless otherwise noted, admission is FREE, and all ages are welcome. The
Rotunda's entrance is located at the rear left of the building.

Friday Nov. 18 at 8pm SHARP

Gate to Moonbase Alpha experimental series in music and visuals  
Gate to Moonbase Alpha (GTMBA) occurs on 3rd Fridays, October through April.
Featuring this month (listed in random order):
Zed Never
The Great Quentini
+ a free vegetarian buffet
ZED NEVER is an NYC-based art rock trio comprised of veteran artists Dennis
Marmon (ex-Blisters, ex-Parasites, GO KART Records) on guitar, Dave Lancet
(ex-Peny Dredful and The Bloody Valentines, ex-Hearse, ex-Jack Acid Society) on
bass and vocals, and Laszlo Pokorny on drums & samples.   Zed Never delivers a
version of rock music that combines the unique styles of it's individual
members in a way that leaves audiences energized, curious and aware that rock is
still a viable form of original artistic expression.   All Zed Never shows are
accompanied by projection art designed and presented by Andras Pokorny.    
PEACEMAKER is a fairly new project from Rich Hoak (ex:Brutal Truth,Dr/ Total
Fucking Destruction). The music is at first harsh noise and power electronics,
but quickly and mercifully washes over the listener, again and again...  
COCKPIT (feat. very special guest MC: Jason Weston) Andrew M. Gaspar-
turntables Evan Lipson- bass (Powerlunch/Wolf Vs.) Mike Pride- drums "Local hero Mike
Pride is no doubt the only musician to ever play with Anthony Braxton and
tour with punk legends MDC (Millions of Dead Cops)." - Bruce Lee Gallenter
(Downtown Music Gallery) "Enter the Cockpit for a very wild and exciting adventure
bordering on the cartoonish, with sounds combining and colliding in every
direction (DJ Andrew Gaspar often utilizes one player with drum sounds, and the
other with strings, confusing and provoking things even further)... High
intensity turntable power-trio improvisations, joined by British madcap Biological
Cybernetic research scientist/MC, Jason Weston.  He will dance for you, he will
sing for you, and he will bring you magic cookies at 4:30 in the morning."  
THE GREAT QUENTINI Born in an obscure corner of Pennsylvania. Abducted by
space aliens for cross cloning with Yeti. Twelve year residency at Dr Zorg's
secret underground space station. Five year unexplained gap. Thirteen years in
Philadelphia recovering from wounds received while fighting Gondar. In the words
of an 8-year-old critic: "Don't be afraid Mom, he's just a Sacred Clown."
Like ambient and experimental music and performance? Join the Philly_Ambient
Yahoo! group
Saturday Nov. 19 at 4pm SHARP (until 6pm)

Laying the Foundation and Action Committees-Fundraiser for the Family of
Jacob Gray
JACOB GRAY: Jacob Gray's family fled a war in Liberia, a neo-colonial war
fueled by diamonds and corrupt politics. After being in the United States for 6
weeks, 13 year old Jacob was brutally beaten. He is now out of the coma and has
returned home. The media hype that followed the beatings falsely reported
that it was due to hatred among Afrikan Americans for Afrikans. Come join us as
we have a community dialog with Jacob's father. Join us as we raise money for
the family.
ASCAC (Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization) Regional
Organizing and Study Groups Founded in 1984: ASCAC provides a body of
knowledge that continuously contributes to the rescue. reconstruction and restoration
of African history and culture. Our purpose is to promote the study of African
civilizations for the development of an African world view.  
ASSATA SHAKUR: Join the Assata Shakur Action Committee Assata Shakur is a
revolutionary sister and a former member of the Black Panther Party and Black
Liberation Army. In spite of widespread information on the illegal persecution of
freedom activists under the government's COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence
Program), Assata Shakur has a million dollar bounty placed on her head and she
has been wrongly placed on FBI's Terrorist List.  
King Tut-Ankh-Amen Join the King Tut Action Committee See essay on King Tut
at In January of 2005, the Supreme Council of the Antiquities of
Egypt and the National Geographic collaborated to have a CT scan of King Tut.
The results: they made this Afrikan Pharaoh into an Arab-Caucasoid. The fake
exhibit is traveling the US and will be in Philadelphia in 2007. Join us as we
educate the community and get organized now.  
Contact: Mukasa Afrika: 215-662-0286, spirits360@yaho...
Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization
Saturday Nov. 19, doors at 8pm

Join us in raising money and awareness of the AIDS crisis in Uganda.  
***Tickets: $10 - Available Online (thru November 18th) (Surcharge of $5 if ticket purchased at the door)***    
SLAM AIDS Philadelphia will host the Northeast's most acclaimed spoken word
and hip-hop artists, including:  
Quiet Rage
Carlos Gomez
the Excelano Project
Brent Shuttleworth
Simone Jacobson
Jon Coplon
The event will also feature the exceptional acapella groups, Inspiration and
Off-the-Beat, as well as the electronic jams of Digical.  
Lastly, the African drumming and dancing troupe, African Rhythms will perform
at the end of the evening.  
All proceeds go directly towards saving lives with antiretrovirals through
Project Namuwongo Zone B.    
SLAM AIDS is sponsored by the Global Youth Partnership for Africa.  
SLAM AIDS/Global Youth Partnership for Africa (GYP)
Sunday Nov. 20, noon-6pm

The House of Mysterious Secrets Presents NERDCON! Philly's premiere
fan-based con/festival returns!
Special Guests! Comic Books! Action Figures! Horror! Sci-Fi! Gaming! Anime!
Local Artists! Fantasy! DVDs! Videos! Toys, Local DJs & More!    
Ethan Van Sciver (DC Comics-- The Green Lantern)
Tony DiGerolamo (Writer, Creator, Publisher, Improv Performer)
CREIGHTON (from Ghoul A Go-Go!!)
ALLEN KOSZOWSKI (Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy artist)
Sunday Nov. 20, 7:30pm

Dancing Down Colonialism Part II (part of a citywide series):
Keynote Speaker, former Puerto Rican Prisoner of War, artist and healer,
Dylcia Pagan
Award-winning documentary The Double Life of Ernesto Gomez Gomez
New York City’s newest revolutionary film Machetero
Documentary by Philly’s own Centro Pedro Claver and Scribe Video Center:
¡Siempre Luchando! A Culture of Resistance
Afro-Boricua poet-warrior Taína Asili
Co-sponsored by the Community Youth Organizing Committee (CYOC), the Human
Rights Coalition, ICFFMAJ, Centro Juan Antonio Corretjer, Scribe Video Center
Contact: Taína Asili: 215-726-9942, tainapoet@graf...
Contact Information
email: gina@foun...
phone: 215.573.3234
web: Join our mailing

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