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c : 2 January 2006 • 5:15AM -0500

[Culture] Jimmy Carter's Psychic Connection
by Craigsolve


Jimmy Carter's Psychic Connection  
Former President Jimmy Carter reveals that he once used a  psychic in a
trance to do what the United States' satellite surveillance system  couldn't - find
a downed American plane.  
In an interview for GQ magazine excerpted in The Weekly  Standard's Scrapbook
section, Carter recalls:  
"We had a plane go down in the Central African Republic -  a twin-engine
plane, small plane. And we couldn't find it.  
"So we oriented satellites that were going around the  earth every 90 minutes
to fly over that spot where we thought it might be and  take photographs. We
couldn't find it.  
"So the director of the CIA (Stansfield Turner) came and  told me that he had
contacted a woman in California that claimed to have  supernatural
capabilities. And she went into a trance, and she wrote down  latitudes and longitudes,
and we sent our satellites over that latitude and  longitude, and there was
the plane."  
The Weekly Standard comments: "The Scrapbook figures this  woman is probably
no longer alive. Otherwise they'd have found bin Laden by  now."
Maybe B2 can borrow one of the former First Lady Nancy Reagan's  astrologers?
The truth is even more fun than BrainDead.  
Happy New Year!

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