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c : 4 January 2006 • 11:58PM -0500

[Culture] Delicate Music, Punk, 3 For the Road, Melange Theatre, Dr. Who @ THE ROTUNDA
by Benseraglio2


Wednesday Jan. 4 at 7pm

    Philly Winter Festival of Delicate Creative Music
Featuring some of the most progressive sounds to eminate from this or any
other area: Ramona Cordova, Trockeneis, Pepi Ginsberg, Otoño Brujo, William Fields


Ramona Córdova (solo voice, guitar, songs); Influenced by Snow White,
Pinocchio, and Oliver Twist, Ramona Córdova's CD The Boy Who Floated Freely is an 11
track musical amusement park- filled to the brim with snare, saw, toms,
tamborine, organ, chime, accordion, birds, recorder, choir, crickets, cicadas,
spanish lyrics, loud gypsies, synth, xylophone, whistling, clapping and vibra
slapping. Can you imagine how amazing a live performance will be? Come and hear...

Trockeneis (quintet from Baltimore, pioneers of The New Frictionalism
movement: unamplified music for dry ice, voice, and agitated wood and metal objects)

Pepi Ginsberg (solo voice, guitar, songs)

Otoño Brujo (solo acoustic guitar with influences from the Gypsy folk of
Andalusia, North Africa, India, etc); Otoño Brujo plays a custom flamenco guitar
hand-crafted by luthier George Wilson and has recently recorded an album of
instrumental pieces inspired from masters such as Ali Akbar Khan, Paco Peña,
Manitas De Plata and Terry Riley.

William Fields (solo melodic, intricate IDM laptop improv); William Fields
has been experimenting with electronic music for over 10 years, writing his
first piece at the age of 16. His style has evolved in sophistication over the
years, his most recent work exploring the possibilities of live performance and
improvisation in the realm of electronic / laptop-based music. Inspired by his
love of Jazz, he has designed and programmed a one-of-a-kind performance
environment which allows for spontaneous control of song structure, melody, rhythm,
and timbre. This tool gives his recent work a unique, dynamic, and
improvisational sound. His work straddles the boundary of traditional melodicism and
modern abstraction.  

Friday Jan. 6 at 8pm

   3 FOR THE ROAD will warm you up with songs that will chase away Old Man

Bouncy? Soulful? Jazz? Gospel? Broadway? Pop?    3 FOR THE ROAD is a cabaret
trio with far reaching vocal talent.   Andi, Maureen and Victor are seasoned
singers who will give your ears a treat!   Their special vocal selections will
stir your memories, warm your heart and even tickle your funny bone. Don't be
surprised if they ask for a little group participation!  

You'll be delighted if you join them for this evening of passionate singing
with just the right measure of merriment and fun added into the mix!

* Occasional Adult Language

A $10.00 donation is suggested, but no one will be turned away for lack of fu
nds. Light Refreshments will be served.

More info: Victor Rodriguez 215-901-8129

Saturday Jan. 7 at 6pm
A full night of punk from:






Sunday Jan. 8 at 7pm

    Melange Theatre, "Live"

MELANGE THEATRE, "LIVE" , which occurs at The Rotunda on 2nd Sundays, was
conceived and developed by Executive Producer, Penni Gould, a singer/actor who
grew frustrated with the aloof Philadelphia theater/cabaret culture and decided
to take matters into her own hands by creating the perfect "performer
centered" series. She and her long time friend, noted pianist and Musical Director,
Carla Mariani decided to embark on the project together, combining their unique
creative talents to develop a totally new theatrical concept..."self-esteem
enhancing theater".

Featured this month:

PENNI GOULD - Pop/Alternative/Standards/Broadway


PHILLY - N- CROWD - Comedy Improv

MARK HALLEN - Singer Songwriter

CONNIE KOPPE - French Cabaret

KATE QUINN - Singer Songwriter/Opera

SHANNON RUNION - Cabaret Singer

CONRAD LAWSON - Stand-up Comedy





A $7.00 donation is suggested, but no one will be turned away for lack of
Melange Theatre, "Live" mission, upcoming events, auditions, etc.

Monday Jan. 9 at 7:15pm

    Yoga for Life
Every Monday, Empress Thandi instructs in the art of Yoga. Her class is
entitled Yoga for Life, and it focuses on basic, Astranga, Power Yoga, meditation,
etc. As she says "This is not a work out, but a work in." Class runs 1 hour.

The requested fee is $10.00 per class. A large portion of each class payment
will be donated directly to The Rotunda's many and varied programs.

Empress Thandi has been studying Yoga for 6 years and has been teaching for 3

Thurday Jan. 12 at 6pm*

    Andrew's Video Vault Pres. "Yes, one day I shall come back..."
DOCTOR WHO SEASON 27 (2005, 16x9, 45 minutes per episode, Color)

A marathon screening of all 13 episodes of Christopher Eccleston’s first
season as The Doctor is the first new Who produced by the BBC in over 16 years.

Episodes include:

Rose, The End of the World, The Unquiet Dead, Aliens of London, World War
Three, Dalek, The Long Game, Father’s Day, The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances,
Boom Town, Bad Wolf, Parting of the Ways

* Special start time!  At 6 PM-- 2 hours earlier than usual.

Andrew's Video Vault Screens films here on 2nd Thursdays.
Andrew's Vide

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