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c : 12 January 2006 • 5:22AM -0500

[Culture] DR WHO, DR WHO, DR WHO tonite @ the rotunda
by Benseraglio2


    Andrew's Video Vault  Pres. "Yes, one day I shall come back..."  
DOCTOR  WHO SEASON 27 (2005, 16x9, 45 minutes per episode, Color)  
A marathon screening of all 13 episodes of Christopher Eccleston’s  first
season as The Doctor is the first new Who produced by the BBC in  over 16 years.  
Episodes include:  
Rose, The End of the World, The Unquiet Dead, Aliens of London, World  War
Three, Dalek, The Long Game, Father’s Day, The Empty Child, The Doctor  Dances,
Boom Town, Bad Wolf, Parting of the Ways  
* Special start time! At 6 PM-- 2 hours earlier than usual.  
Andrew's Video Vault Screens films here on 2nd Thursdays.  
_Andrew's Video Vault 2006  schedule_
Sat. Jan. 14 at 7pm    A Night of  Punk  
Kadena  (NYC) Oi  
Anger And Addiction (N.J) streetpunk  
Stiff MIddle Finger (Phila) streetpunk/Oi  
Labor dAY sAints (De) streetpunk/Oi  
A $5.00 donation will be requested at the door, but no one will be  turned
away for lack of funds. All proceeds benefit The Anarchist Black  Cross
Federation (ABCF).

Sun. Jan. 15 at 2pm    Guignol, Mischief  Brew, Emilyn Brodsky  
Guignol: [ geen-yol ] = literally, in the parlance of the  treacherous
French, a puppet, or figuratively, a tale of the macabre and  fantastic either
petite or grand. What you’ve got here is the raucous,  theatrical, spastic and
melodramatic soundtrack for singing grifters,  murderous marionettes, and
grease-painted gutterballs. It’s an oom-pah  wedding, squealing and lyrical, that hits
like punk rockers and sings like  a gypsy camp. "hard-hitting klezmer quartet
with accordion, clarinet,  tuba, and killer drumming"– The New Yorker  
Mischief Brew (pictured): Once upon a time, an energetic punk kid from  the
Philly area confined himself to a basement with an acoustic guitar, a  rickety
drum kit, a mandolin, and a four-track to stir a bunch of ideas  together into
a broth of songs. The resulting concoction was “Mirth: or,  Certain Verses
Composed and Fitted to Tunes, for the Delight and  Recreation of All,” an
eight-song demo cassette of acoustic punk  influenced by medieval danses and raucous
Romany dust-raising ditties. The  tape had many styles of folk besides
traditional Americana: from the  Klezmer-punk of “A Liquor Never Brewed” to the
medieval green-anarchist  march of “One Stone Cast,” the tape robbed from many
cultural styles of  folk music, and spiked the brew with punk rock. Mischief
Brew is Erik  Petersen, and vice versa. The “Mirth” demo was only the beginning
of a  phenomenon...  
Emilyn Brodsky's real name is emily lyn brodsky. Like her name she  isn't so
far from the truth. She receieved a ukulele for her 18th birthday  and she
taught herself to play it and now she sings songs for her friends.  And also to
herself in her bedroom when she is procrastinating paper  writing. Her music
involves feelings, one of two strumming patterns, and  delicious word choice.
she has been compared to Kimya Dawson and her  father. The latter bothers her a
little, but she recognizes that he is a  good man.  
A $5.00 donation will be suggested at the door, but no one will be  turned
away for lack of funds.
_Performer web sites linked  here_
Sun. Jan. 15 at 7:30pm    Improvised comedy  from The Cabal and The Rare
Bird Show  
THE  CABAL has been performing long-form, Chicago-style improvisational
theater  in Philadelphia for the past six years. The Cabal is not a cult or secret  
organization. It has never participated in overthrowing any government. It  
does not pass coded information on to clandestine operatives posing as  
audience members. It has not worked under the following aliases in the  past: Next
Line Improv, Next Line Comedy Theater, Professor Junot von  Tiege. The Cabal is:
Chris Welsh, Jessica Wyant, Rick Horner, Jennifer  Toner, Dennis DiClaudio,
Automated Humor-Simulationbot 102(H5g)  
THE RARE BIRD SHOW (pictured) is a longform improv group in  Philadelphia.
Using one audience suggestion, they create a completely  improvised half-hour of
comedy scenes. Since its start in the summer of  2003, Rare Bird Show has
performed all over Philly, taught several classes  and workshops, and appeared in
the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, the  Philadelphia Improv Festival, the
Dirty South Improv Festival in Chapel  Hill, NC,the PIT, Peoples Improv Theater,
in New York City, and the Del  Close Marathon at the Upright Citizens Brigade
Theatre. Members have  workshopped with the Upright Citizens Brigade's Matt
Walsh, the Kids in  the Hall's Kevin McDonald, and improvisors such as Chris
Gethard, Jed  Resnik, Dyna Moe, Brett Christensen, Erik Tanouye, Lennon Parham,
Asaf  Ronen, Charlie Todd, Jill Bernard, Jeff Griggs, Kevin Patrick Robbins,  
Porter Mason, Kelly Jennings, Katina Corrao, Topping Haggerty, and Shannon  
O'Neil. The Rare Bird Show is: Matt Holmes, Nathan Edmondson, and Alexis  Simpson.
_Performer web sites linked  here_

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