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c : 12 January 2006 • 5:24AM -0500

[Culture] correction -- DR WHO, DR WHO, DR WHO -- *tomorrow* night - Jan 12
by Benseraglio2


        Thu. Jan. 12 at 6pm ('til  forever)    Andrew's Video Vault  Pres.
"Yes, one day I shall come back..."  
DOCTOR  WHO SEASON 27 (2005, 16x9, 45 minutes per episode, Color)  
A marathon screening of all 13 episodes of Christopher Eccleston’s  first
season as The Doctor is the first new Who produced by the BBC in  over 16 years.  
Episodes include:  
Rose, The End of the World, The Unquiet Dead, Aliens of London, World  War
Three, Dalek, The Long Game, Father’s Day, The Empty Child, The Doctor  Dances,
Boom Town, Bad Wolf, Parting of the Ways  
* Special start time! At 6 PM-- 2 hours earlier than usual.  
Andrew's Video Vault Screens films here on 2nd Thursdays.  
_Andrew's Video Vault 2006  schedule_

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