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d : 13 March 2010 • 1:45PM -0500

[DailyWOW] March 13 2010
by Sheila DuBois


“We must not confuse means and ends. The vehicle is not the destination.
If we lose sight of our eternal goals we might think that the most important
thing is how fast we are moving and that any road will get us to our
Destination. The Apostle Paul described this attitude as ‘hav[ing] a zeal of
God but not according to knowledge’ (Rom. 10:2). Zeal is a method not a
Gal. Zeal—even a zeal toward God—needs to be ‘according to knowledge’ of
God’s commandments and His plan for His children. In other words the
weightier matter of the eternal goal must not be displaced by the mortal
Method however excellent in itself.” Dallin H. OaksEnsignJan 200113

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