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Do you believe that murder is wrong? We can save lives and strengthen
the USA's national security. I am also looking for intelligent and
good individuals, such as you, to view my website,

Like you, I'm smart and accomplished: I am a member of the high IQ
society MENSA, the following link takes one to my acceptance letter
into that organization (the original documentation to everything can be
provided) ,
and I am an award-winning student at Johns Hopkins University. I
graduated from high school with High Honors and have won many awards
and recognition,
, in addition to myriad work and extracurricular accomplishments, ,
and very high intelligence and academic scores, . Moreover,
the following link takes one to personal references and
recommendations, a total of 40, from Professors, teachers, classmates,
and friends,
. And I'm a law-abiding US Citizen, and I've never been arrested,
charged, or convicted of any crime. I'm also a strong and cogent
writer and intellectual, as evidenced by my essays, ,
, , , , and
. My cellphone# is 503.740.0272, my fax# is 503.760.3627, my website is , and my email addresses are
BrandonLandsem@mail... and PoliSciHist@aol.... .

Friend, does good morality advocate trying to do all one can do to stop
the murders of men, women, and children? A vital call to action for all
good individuals, such as you: as Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad
agent and katsa, case officer -- the Mossad, in a desperate attempt to
stop the truth from being told, admitted in public court documents,
which can also be seen starting on page 349 of his first book, that he
used to work there, and that he knows, and I quote, "extremely
confidential information," and he kept his pay sheet, which can also
be seen on Appendix I -- and many other individuals, talk about in
their best-selling and acclaimed books, men, women, and children are
being murdered, and the USA is under attack, as elements of the Mossad,
sated with cash from the murderous and destructive narcotics trade, are
using medical workers to kill. As a good individual, aren't you very
angry that, in addition to the killings of men, women, and children,
and the weakening of the USA's national security, hospitals,
including religious hospitals, are being turned into murder grounds?
Elements of the Mossad murder because, as Gordon Thomas, Victor
Ostrovsky, and many others point out, these elements are out of
control, have a disregard for life, and deceive ("By way of
deception" is the Mossad's official motto). Because of this out of
control, disregard for life, and deceptive behavior, Richard Keene,
John Smith, Jr., Robert Eisenberg, James Pierce, Jerry Goss, Raymond
Linn, and Philip Armstrong were 7 of 205 individuals on the USS Liberty
who were murdered and/or injured -- the crew of the USS Liberty, the US
Department of Defense, the CIA Director, The Independent Commission of
Inquiry into the Israeli Attack on USS Liberty, consisting of Chairman
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Thomas Moorer, General of Marines Raymond
Davis, Rear Admiral Merlin Staring, Judge Advocate General of the Navy
and Ambassador James Akins, very high-ranking officers within the US
military, Congressmen, the NSA Director, and all intelligent and good
individuals agree that 1+2=3 and that this attack on the clearly
marked, US flag flying, US ship, which was also in international
waters, and on her crew was deliberate: what is more, United States
National Security Agency officials testified that they heard a pilot
say, "It's an American ship!" He and others were instructed to
attack anyway--- why individuals like Robert Maxwell, Gerald Bull, and
thousands and thousands of other individuals were and are murdered, why
an attempt on the lives of individuals like US diplomats and President
George Bush took and take place, and why, because elements of the
Mossad decide to withhold lifesaving information, Johny Copeland,
Jeffrey Young, Harry Myers, Timothy McMahon, Joseph Milano, Bobby
Buchanan, Michael Johnson, and 234 other US Military Personnel were
murdered, for instance, on October 23, 1983. Furthermore, the following
link is to an essay I wrote, using such sources as The New York Times,
The Washington Post, William F. Buckley, Jr., Haaretz newspaper, The
Sunday Herald, and Fox News, that goes into greater detail about the
nefariousness of some elements of the Mossad,
. This assault on men, women, and children, and the USA can be stopped.
Lives and our national security, which elements of the Mossad have no
respect for, can be saved and strengthened.

You, I, and fellow good individuals, can be of great assistance --
lives will be saved and the USA's national security strengthened --
as can Victor Ostrovsky's best-selling books By Way of Deception , a
#1 NEW YORK TIMES bestseller, and The Other Side of Deception: A Rogue
Agent Exposes The Mossad's Secret Agenda , and James Ennes, Jr.'s
Assault on The Liberty . I also have a lot of knowledge: I do not lie,
and, in addition to my many personal references and recommendations,
and my criminal-free record, I would be more than willing to take lie
detector and psychological tests; I will pass with flying colors. God
bless, and may you have an awesome day.


PS Friend, we have the ability to save lives. Just the act of
forwarding this letter can do that. Through awareness and advocacy
these murders, tortures, and attacks on the USA's national security
can be stopped. Isn't that what good morality calls for?

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