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d : 19 May 2008 • 8:54PM -0400

Re: Recent check-in...
by James Carman


It is included in an artifact.  Check out hivemind-lib.  It uses it.

On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 8:50 AM, Raffael Herzog <herzog@raff...> wrote:
> Am Freitag, 16. Mai 2008 17.23:36 schrieb James Carman:
>> I just checked in some changes to the pom.xml files and moved the
>> HiveMindTestCase into src/test.  Let me know how it looks for you.
>> All test cases passed for me.  I might try to move stuff around into
>> the "normal" maven directories, too (src/main/java, etc.)
> Well, an open question about this is: How is a user supposed to use that
> class now? Right, having it in HiveMind's core framework isn't a nice
> solution. On the other hand, moving it to src/test makes this class
> unusable for other projects, as it won't ever be included in any artifact.
> To avoid dependencies on JUnit/EasyMock, it should actually be a separate
> project producing a separate artifact, something like hivemind-test, which
> users can include as dependency scoped test. Then again, a whole
> sub-project for a single class file seems a bit ridiculous. Also, this
> would introduce a circular dependency: HiveMind's test cases need
> HiveMindTestCase, so hivemind-test would have to be built before
> hivemind-framework. However, HiveMindTestCase won't compile if
> hivemind-framework isn't built.
> I think, keeping HiveMindTestCase in src/main and declaring the dependencies
> on JUnit and EasyMock in the scope "test" is the better solution, if users
> should be able to use that class in their own tests.
> If JUnit and EasyMock are scoped "test", this scope will be included in the
> test scope of projects that depend on hivemind-framework with scope "test"
> and "runtime". Unfortunately, in 99% of the cases, my hivemind dependency
> is scoped "provided", so I still would have to include them manually (if
> I'd like to use HiveMindTestCase). I use TestNG anyway, however, and in my
> case, unit tests *never* need HiveMind (maybe a few interfaces like Module
> from it, but never a running registry), and assuming, that HiveMind works,
> this is what EasyMock is for ... ;)
> This throws us back at the question: Is there any need to provide
> HiveMindTestCase to the user at all? Tests that need a running HiveMind
> registry are integration tests, not unit tests, so users should have no
> need for that class.
> For a table of which scope translates to which scope in transitive
> dependencies, see here:
> Cheers,
>   Raffi
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> no difference, but in practice, there is.
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