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d : 7 November 2009 • 6:30AM -0500

Re: Updated draft announcement apache.
by Dirk-Willem van Gulik


After further editing. Timeline is to do this shortly after Joe's patch
gets the needed votes.


To:   announce@http...
Subject: CVE-2009-3555 - apache/mod_ssl vulnerability and mitigation

Apache httpd is affected by CVE-2009-3555[1] (The SSL Injection or MiM

We strongly urge you to upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.8l; and be prepared to
deploy 0.9.8m as it becomes available[3]. Note that these are short term
and mid-term mitigation; the long term solution may well require a
modification of the SSL and/or TLS protocols[4].

For those who are not able to upgrade OpenSSL swiftly and/or for those
who need detailed logging - we recommend that you roll out this patch:
sha1: xxxx
md5: xxxx

for mod_ssl as soon as possible. This is a partial fix in lieu of the
protocol issues being addressed and further changes to OpenSSL.

If you are unable to patch and unable to roll our a newer version of
OpenSSL, and you rely on Client Side Authentication with Certificates
then we recommend that you 1) ensure that you limit your configuration
to a single 'SSLClient require' on VirtualHost/Sever level and 2) remove
all other (re)negotiation/require directives. However this does NOT
fully protect you - it just curtails authentication in this specific

A version with this patch, Apache 2.2.15, is currently being readied[4].
Note that as mod_ssl is not part of the 1.3 branch distribution. A
further announcement will be sent out when these are available.

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