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d : 30 August 2010 • 12:29PM -0400

[dev] error 500 calling
by Leonardo Certuche


Hello there!

We're currently developing an extension to the OTRS API that will allow us
to create/modify/link OTRS configuration items using calls made from
third-party applications. In order to avoid starting from scratch we decided
to first try to adopt the current API to our needs, attached are the two
files involved: has some useful SOAP methods that we'd like to imitate in order to
have available new methods related to the Kernel::System::GeneralCatalog
class, but when we add the new line to instance that object:

$CommonObject{GeneralCatalogObject} =

We get error 500.

We're currently consuming the services exposed by default on and they
work flawlessly. It's only when the mentioned line is added that error 500

What changes should we make to Kernel::System::GeneralCatalog in order to
use it as a SOAP service?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Leonardo Certuche
MedellĂ­n, Colombia

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