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d : 1 September 2010 • 10:54PM -0400

[dev] Using UTC time "natively" in OTRS
by Hugh Kelley


I have been looking at the possibility of changing/configuring OTRS to use
UTC time natively.  As you may have seen from my posts on the otrs list, I
started out thinking it was just a matter of configuration.

Getting the UTC values in the database was pretty simple.  Getting them back
to the user in a localized time (when the DB is in UTC, the server is +/-X
TZ and the client browser is in +/-Y TZ) seems to be a bit trickier.

For one thing, it appears that the localization of time is actually being
applied twice, during both the ticket object retrieval and and during the
dtl rendering.  It seems like OTRS needs to two timediffs tracked, one for
the server-UTC diff and one for the client-UTC diff (or just make sure that
the ticket object is pure UTC and only the DTL does conversions).

Keeping to the point, has anyone else investigated this and can share
insights?  Were there any reasons UTC was initially avoided?

I'll admit I am running this on SQL Server,  IIS, and ActiveState Perl - any
of  which might cause my results to differ from the "norm".


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