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d : 5 October 2006 • 6:49AM -0400

[DDN] New Report: Building Constituencies for Spectrum Policy Change
by Michael Maranda


*New Report:*

*Building Constituencies for Spectrum Policy Change: *

*Wireless Broadband and Public Needs*

*Free download available now:*

New wireless networks and technologies could improve the lives of all
communities--rural and urban, low-income, young and old, Native,
immigrant, disabled people and all those who are continually excluded or
underserved by current systems.

But there is no guarantee it will happen that way:

* What kinds of policies are needed to make sure that all people can
benefit from these new developments?

* How can we best activate the public and persuade policy-makers to put
the right policies in place?

"Building Constituencies for Spectrum Policy Change: Wireless Broadband
and Public Needs" brings together the insights of 14 advocates and
organizers who work on behalf of communities around the US. The New
America Foundation convened this "Stakeholder Strategy Committee" to
engage these issues to help guide their own work and the work of other
public-interest colleagues and allies.

This first report is a capture of ongoing conversations, not a blueprint
for action or a consensus platform. Rather, it is intended as a resource
to public advocates, community organizers, nonprofit groups and funders
who want to help ensure that the future of media and telecommunications
is designed to meet the needs of all people and communities.

To download "Building Constituencies for Spectrum Policy Change: First
Report – Wireless Broadband and Public Needs," please visit the
following link. You will be asked to fill out a short form about your
interest in this report so we can learn more about how tools like this
are useful.




For more information about *New America Foundation Wireless Future
Program <>*, the Stakeholder
Strategy Committee or this report, contact Naveen Lakshmipathy at NAF
(lakshmipathy@newa... <mailto:lakshmipathy@newa...>).

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