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d : 7 October 2006 • 11:29PM -0400

[DDN] shutting down
by Andy Carvin


Hi everyone,

Earlier this week I got an email from, which
runs Blogger's mobcasting tool
Apparently they're shutting down the service at the
end of the month. More info about why here:

With the departure of Audioblogger, podcasters are
left with slim pickings when it comes to free tools to
create podcasts with a telephone, particularly with
the closure of earlier this year. The
email sent out by Odeo announcing Audioblogger
suggested several alternatives, including, and, but these services don't
allow you to embed your podcasts directly into your
blog (at least not without paying a monthly fee, in
the case of hipcast). This leaves phone-based
podcasters between a rock and a hard place - and tells
me, at least, that it's more important than ever to
develop open source mobcasting tools that won't
disappear due to the cyclical economics of the dot-com
universe.... -andy

Andy Carvin
andycarvin at yahoo  com
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