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d : 28 October 2005 • 11:43PM -0400

pregap on track 1
by Bjorn Roche


Hey all,

I am adding pregap adjustment capabilities to my Audio CD
Mastering software. All is well except when I try and set a pre-gap of
anything other than 150 (2 seconds) on track 1. I have not tried to make
it shorter (since that would violate red-book anyway), but when I make it
longer, I get different results on different machines:

-- On my dual G5 with the CD/DVD burner that came with it

arigato:~ bjorn$ drutil list
    Vendor   Product           Rev   Bus       SupportLevel
1  PIONEER  DVD-RW  DVR-109   A912  ATAPI     Apple Shipping

I get

"The device does not support the requested pregap length."
"The media is not the right type for the requested operation."

depending, apparently, on the rest of the track layout.
(kDRPreGapIsRequiredKey is set to true, of course.)

-- On an ibook with the built-in CD burner

cibo:~ bjorn$ drutil list
    Vendor   Product           Rev   Bus       SupportLevel
1  MATSHITA CD-RW  CW-8123    CA10  ATAPI     Apple Shipping

I didn't get errors, but the CD Drive seemed to ignore my requests for
longer pregaps, or silently reduced the length of the pregaps to just a
little longer than 2 seconds.

It concerns me a bit that I am getting two different errors for what
appears to be the same problem on the desktop and just plain wrong output
on the laptop. (I know that this could be a bug in my code, but the
behavior is very suspicious, isn't it? I am hoping that maybe someone on
this list has has a similar experience or more info about these details
than is published on apple's web-site)

It concerns me a lot that, apparently, I CAN'T create pregaps on track one
that are greater than 150 blocks. Might I be doing something wrong, or do
I need to buy different burner, as the first error suggests, or a
different media as the second error suggests? If so, what do I buy? I'd
like my software to be able to do this even if it means people have to buy
additional hardware for this particular feature. (This is hardly a feature
everyone needs) But of course, I need to test it myself, so I do need to
know what to buy to support this feature.

I appreciate any thoughts or feedback.



Bjorn Roche
Check out my CD Mastering Software
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