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d : 2 November 2005 • 9:11PM -0500

What determines icon placement?
by John C. Daub



When burning a data CD/DVD of files, what determines their icon placement?
We've noticed on some of our burned discs that, when viewing the burned disc
in the Finder's icon view, sometimes the icons will all be laid out in a
nice grid but other times multiple icons might be stacked on top of each
other. We'd like to avoid that stacking, having some sort of nice ordered

I see in DRContentProperites a kDRMacIconLocation... but does that mean I
have to set this for every item to be burned? And just how would I properly
calculate that anyway?

I'm wondering what in the burn process determines how the files/folders will
be laid out, and if there's any way we can manipulate it. Or if it's not
something from the burn process and might just be some quirk of the Finder?


John C. Daub }:-)>=
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"The only brick we can build with is love!" -- Buddo

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