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d : 7 December 2005 • 3:26PM -0500

Keeping a multi-track session open between writing tracks
by James Bailey



I just found this list and I'm hoping that someone can give me a  
quick yes or no answer on a question. I'm trying to create an audio  
CD that has a single session that I can leave open for several  
minutes and append additional tracks to the session over time. I  
can't seem to find a combination of a burn strategy DRBurnStrategyKey  
(set to DRBurnStrategyCDTAO) and DRBurnAppendableKey that does what I  
need. The session always seems to be closed when the burn is  
finished. If the burn isn't finished either by trying to block or by  
starving the producer, then the DRBurn kicks out with an error.

Is what I'm asking for  possible with the 10.3/10.4 Disc Recording  
Engine? Basically I need to turn off the laser between writing tracks  
and then continue to creating a red-book compatible audio CD.

Thanks for any help,

James Bailey

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