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d : 4 October 2011 • 10:44AM -0400

[displaytag-user] Fwd: Problem with Hyphen in Page Number parameter
by Rob Connell


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> From: "Connell, Robert (DCS)" <Robert.Connell@sa.g...>
> Date: 4 October 2011 1:01:42 PM ACDT
> To: 'robert connell' <robconnell9@gmai...>
> Subject: Problem with Hyphen in Page Number parameter

> We use display:table widely in our apps and generally we are very happy with it.This is an example of the syntax that we are using
> <display:table name="suspensionUpdateModel.officersAssignmentDeta ils" id="suspensionBean"
> class="clientSearchResultListTable"
> requestURI="${flowExecutionUrl}" excludedParams="*" requestURIcontext="false"
> pagesize="10">
> <display:column title="Correctional Service Number" property="correctionalSubject.correctionalServiceN umber" />
> <display:column title="Name" property="correctionalSubject.correctionalSubject. primaryIdentity.nameString" />
> <display:column title="Current Suspension" property="serviceAssignment.suspensionCurrent" />
> <display:column title="Suspend (Y/N)" >
> <form:checkbox path="suspendFlags"  value="${suspensionBean.correctionalSubject.correc tionalServiceNumber}"/>
> </display:column/>
> </display:table>
> Unfortunately when you page to the second page it generates a Page Number URL parameter of d-83147-p ( I believe this is generated in the ParamEncoder class).
> Once this parameter is in the URL and we try to get to another JSP in the app (using Spring Web Flow) it complains because the parameter has a hypen in it (It would work using an underscore).
> Any idea how to generate a paremter without a hypen ?

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