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d : 27 October 2011 • 3:45AM -0400

[dns-wg] Agenda WG meetings
by Jaap Akkerhuis


Here is the current draft ageda. I'm afraid some holes still to need to
be filled in.



   DNS WG, Thursday November 3 09:00-10:30, Morning Session I

A. Administrative matters

o Welcome

o Scribe selection/introduction

o Jabber selection/introduction

o Microphone Etiquette

o Finalise agenda

B. Matters arising from RIPE-63 Minutes and

        Review of Action items (No open items?)

C. IETF Reports - unknown volunteer

What transpired on the DNSEXT & DNSOP meetings during the last

D. DNS operations at RIPE-NCC - Wolfgang Nagele

E. Knot – a new high-performance authoritative name server
   ĽuboÅ¡ Slovák (CZ.NIC)

Knot is an authoritative DNS server developed in CZ.NIC
Labs. It offers performance comparable or better
than the most widely used implementations and advanced
functionality in the same time.  The main features of the
server will be summarized together with some basic insight
into the internals and a comparison with other implementations

F. Beyond Bind and NSD - Peter Janssen, EUrid.

EUrid developed a new nameserver. The motivation of taking
on this work will be explained. A performance comparison
with BIND & NSD will be given.  Additional functionality
for integration purposes with backend systems will be


    DNS WG, Thursday November 3 11:00-12:30, Morning Session II

G. What was all that traffic to the root - Wolfgang Nagele

This summer there was for a short time some excessive
increased query load on the root name servers. Wolfgang
will present a report on the event.

H. DNSSEC-Trigger - Olaf Kolkman

NLnet Labs developed an application for use in DNSSEC
hostile environments such as behind NATs, internet
in hotels, you neighbourhood coffeshop etc.

I. The IDN Variant Issues Project, an Update - Joe Abley

ICANN started a study to get insight into the prob;em of
variants for the same IDNs. Six case studies has been
completed in the following six scripts: Arabic, Chinese
(Han script), Cyrillic, Devanagari, Greek, and Latin and
the reports are open for review.

K. News from the DNS-EASY - Stéphane Bortzmeyer

The Global Cyber Security Center in Rome organized with
ICANN a conference about DNS Health" which was followed by
a workshop on DNS Security Stability and Resiliency.

L. Discussion "Domain Name Synthesis--For Fun, Profit
and Law Abiding Citizens."

There is more and more pressure to manipulate results from
DNS queries to Enhance the User Experience, Protect users
against bad Content (malware, porno etc.) or to protect
Intellectual Property rights.

Panelists are not fully known yet; suggestions are welcome.

Z. AOB (Any Other Business)

If you have AOB to discuss, let the chair
person know in advance so some time might be
reserved for that

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