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d : 1 October 2006 • 2:07AM -0400

Re: [Dominion-discuss] great news...
by Mark Galassi


    Juan> <offtopic> I also was very glad of seeing dominion
    Juan> resurrected. I knew of Dominion and Conquer back then in the
    Juan> 1994 when using an AIX computer in the university. I have no
    Juan> news of the final end of the other project.  </offtopic>


    Juan> About the design documents of dominion3, I recently found
    Juan> this:

    Juan> I can't assure the documendation could be outdated or not.

Very outdated, but I haven't done that much either.

I still think it would be good to develop version 3, but I need
someone to take the lead on that, and then I will work with that
person.  I have still not found such a person.

So I occasionally dust up the latest dominion version 2, and make sure
it still works.  I have also recently packaged it for debian and
ubuntu, and at some point I'll find a debian maintainer to inject it
into those distros.

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