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d : 22 May 2008 • 3:57AM -0400

[DOTNET-WEB] information bar and downloading a file --
by cisco


I have a page where the user basically sets up a configuration.  One of the
options for the user is that they can download a file based on this
configuration .  What i'm doing right now is uploading the configuration
settings, using ajax and web services, in order to store int he server so
that the actual download request can be a simple url.  so the callback for
the download link looks like [1] (without the gmail formatting :))

The problem with my initial approach is, in ie, the information bar pops up
to block the download.  Once the user agrees he's fine but it's still an
annoyance i can live without.

The user can save this configuration beforehand but i don't want that to be
a requirement before they download a file.  Another approeach is to have a
'prepare download' button that later notifies the user that his download is
ready.... but i don't like that approach either but at least i don't need to
save the configuration a database but i can instead rely on a session or
cache.  -- something saved in server memory.

Thanks for any suggestions

function download() {

var success = function() {
    location.href = "link.aspx?someid=3023923920392309230923093";
var failure = function(err) { alert( err.get_message(); };

          buildConfigFromPage(), success, failure );


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