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d : 3 June 2008 • 1:36AM -0400

[DOTNET-WEB] OT-ish: possible for 1.1 on IIS5 to bring server down due to CPU consumption?
by Pardee, Roy


Hey All,

I need a quick sanity check on something--we've got a 3rd party
v1.1 app installed on a machine w/IIS v5.  Our admin suspects that this
app is what brought the machine down recently.  The IIS "application
protection" setting is "Medium (Pooled)".  The process that pegged the
cpu shortly before the box stopped responding to web requests was

Probably this isn't enough info, but can people comment on the basic
plausibility of this scenario?  I would like to think that an
app doesn't get enough leash to pull a machine over, no matter how
asinine the app is.  Is that just naivete on my part?



Roy Pardee
Research Analyst/Programmer
Group Health Center For Health Studies (Cancer Research Network)
(206) 287-2078
Google Talk: rpardee

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