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d : 21 June 2008 • 5:58PM -0400

Re: [DOTNET-WEB] .net sql server account database authentication question
by Efran Cobisi,


> Id prefer to use a sql server
> account to maximize connection pooling

It's actually the opposite. Using SQL Server accounts would minimize the
ability to pool connections, as you need different connections for each
account involved.

> We've reached an agreement where I can use a
> single account as long as its a domain account, but Ive been unable to
> figure out how to do so (if its even possible).

It is certainly possible to use a domain account to run your application
with, using a connection with integrated security to your SQL Server
data store.

> Im thinking I either
> need to use integrated security but force sql server to use a single
> account

Sure, just run your application using that account and impersonate it
within your connection, using integrated security as mentioned.

> , or use a regular connection string, naming the domain account
> and password with Integrated Security=false.

This last approach is not feasable.


Efran Cobisi

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