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d : 2 July 2008 • 1:02AM -0400

[DOTNET-WEB] ASP.NET Menu control, dynamic menu link to nowhere
by Ron Young


I need to display a dynamic menu that has a structure like so:

   - Multi-Family
          - Projects
   - Residential
          - Projects

Where "Multi-Family" is a sub-menu under Programs, and "Projects" is a sub-menu under Multi-Family, and similar for Residential.

I'm using ASP.NET Menu and a sitemap file.

Problem is that I need "Multi-Family" and "Residential" to link to nowhere:

siteMapNode url="Main.aspx" title="Programs"
     - siteMapNode url="" title="Multi-Family"
           - siteMapNode url="Main.aspx?view=MultiFamilyProjects" title="Projects"
    -  siteMapNode url="" title="Residential"
           - siteMapNode url="Main.aspx?view=ResedentialProjects" title="Projects"

Using an empty string for "url" works for me, but the issue is that the "text" cursor will display if the link doesn't have a url.

I tried some CSS but that didn't work:

.dynamicMenutItem{ cursor: pointer; }

Faking the url with "javascript:;" won't work because the each node needs a unique url.

Any info on this is greatly appreciated.


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